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10 best Russian dishes

Russian cuisine can be called one of the most colorful. It contains pies with different fillings, rich cabbage soup, and a variety of cereals, and pancakes with caviar. And also pies, kulebyaki, kvass, jelly, okroshka and many other dishes and drinks. We invite you to explore recipes for traditional Russian dishes for every taste.

Russian cuisine is a real abundance of dishes. It contains many recipes from cereals and grains – pancakes, pies, all kinds of cereals. There is also a wide variety of hot and cold soups, fish dishes, pickles from vegetables and mushrooms, lush and delicious pastries. Many recipes of Russian cuisine involve long simmering in a closed oven, which gives the products a very special taste. Here are some traditional Russian dishes that you should definitely try.

1. Cabbage soup

with sauerkraut

Cabbage soup is one of the most widespread and favorite first courses of Russian cuisine. Each housewife prepares cabbage soup in her own way, and each of the same products produces a slightly different soup. We suggest boiling this cabbage soup with sauerkraut, it is very useful and rich in vitamin C. If you leave the soup for the second day, it will be even tastier! It is best to serve cabbage soup with sour cream and herbs.

2. Cabbage soup with nettle

To replace cabbage in cabbage soup, you can use greens – sorrel and nettle. Cooking such cabbage soup is no more difficult than simple cabbage soup. We will not cook the greens for a long time, but add at the very end in order to preserve everything useful. Ordinary vegetables – carrots, onions, potatoes, as well as a good piece of pork will complement the taste of the soup.

3. Home-style meat hodgepodge

Meat hodgepodge is a delicious, hearty and aromatic soup from Russian cuisine. There are a great many recipes for its preparation, but a variety of sausages, smoked meats, pickles and olives are certainly integral components for a classic hodgepodge. The rich taste of the hodgepodge will delight the most sophisticated gourmets. This thick soup will saturate and cheer up all relatives and guests of your house with its bright colors.

4. Roast “Russian” in pots

Roast in pots can be called one of the most traditional Russian dishes. Previously, of course, it was cooked in a Russian oven, but now a convenient oven is used for this purpose. The rich taste of the dish is achieved due to the fact that all the ingredients reach readiness at the same time. In this case, the dish is prepared quite quickly.


5. Homemade dumplings

The dough for dumplings should roll out easily, be soft and elastic, while not falling apart during cooking. Our dumplings dough recipe fully meets all these requirements. Cooking homemade dumplings is not so long, but they are much tastier and healthier than any convenience store products. And the process of their preparation can become a real family tradition.


6. Meat flask with mushrooms in Russian

Skoblyanka is an old Russian dish that is now almost forgotten. Several types of meat, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms are used for it. If you follow all the stages of preparation, you get a truly royal dish. Try it!

7. Turnip baked in sour cream with herbs

Turnip recipes are traditional for Russian cuisine and are undeservedly little used in our time. Let’s try to fill this gap and cook something very simple and useful. Let’s replenish the body with vitamins and prepare a simple but delicious turnip garnish.


8. Volga kakariki on sour cream

Kokorin – an old dish of traditional Russian cuisine, which is a pastry made from rye flour stuffed with whole boiled eggs. Eggs cooked in this way do not spoil for a long time, which is probably why, earlier, kakariki were made to take with them on the road. The recipe is good because the dough for this baking should not be suitable – made and immediately sculpted. Such pies can be served both with first courses and with vegetable salads, you can take them with you to work or to a picnic.

9. Homemade dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms and mushroom sauce

Veronika is a Slavic dish that has been known for several centuries. They are prepared from unleavened dough with filling. There are a great variety of fillings for dumplings, for every taste. For these dumplings, we took a traditional Russian filling with mushrooms and fresh cabbage. Any mushrooms are suitable for this recipe – champignons, porcini, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms.


10. Knish with potato filling

Such round pies are typical for Ukrainian and Belarusian cuisine. They were also prepared in some Russian provinces, for example Kursk. The filling was baked in them. Most often it was buckwheat porridge with onions, as well as cottage cheese with poppy seeds, hemp and jam. We suggest taking potatoes with many spices for the filling.

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