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10 delicious Chinese recipes from Sasha Cheatline

A heading with Chinese recipes has been regularly published on our Instagram and VKontakte group since the fall of 2018, all issues of the heading to date can be found by the hashtag # Thachik. We have selected the 10 most popular among them in the opinion of our readers and have compiled a selection of the best recipes from food photographer Sasha Cheatline.

I like Chinese cuisine because leaving the main ingredient unchanged, but changing the approach, you get a completely different result. Not all ingredients are easy to get in Russia, something can be found in large supermarkets, specialty culinary stores, in the nearest Chinese (Vietnamese) market, or at worst, imported from China.

1. Broken cucumbers

Broken cucumbers  pāihuángguā) are a famous Chinese appetizer that takes five minutes to cook.  This will slightly affect the taste: the dish will turn out to be less authentic, but no less tasty.

2. Tomatoes with an egg in Chinese

I came to China in 2012 with a vague idea of ​​Chinese cuisine, so I was afraid that I would sit on rice for a semester (I was not ready to eat snakes, lizards, larvae and others). In the campus cafeteria, everything was better than she imagined, but she took something familiar – a tomato and egg. This dish has two names: shihongshi chai Jian hongi chai jading) and faze Chandan  fanqie chai den). It turned out to be delicious and unusual, not like an omelet or scrambled eggs. I’ll tell you right away, until the same tomatoes and eggs flew at me, that there are many variations of recipes. Everyone has a right to exist.

3. Chinese fried shrimp

Shrimp in oil is one of the traditional dishes on the Chinese New Year’s table and not only. Firstly, because it is delicious, and it is also believed that shrimp will bring happiness in the New Year. The fact is that the words “shrimp” and “smile” in Chinese sound similar. By the way, shrimps in tomato sauce (you need to add cherry tomatoes) also turn out to be the most tender.

4. Chinese dumplings

Rumor has it that dumplings came to us from China. But the taste and appearance of the Chinese “jiaozi”  is completely different.  Sometimes dumplings are steamed fried dumplings are very popular  and the Chinese also love dumplings soup. Therefore, there are many options, as well as sculpting methods and types of fillings – there are even vegetarian options.

5. Fried cauliflower

Fried cauliflower gangue haikai) is quite common in Chinese restaurants. It goes well with meat in sweet and sour sauce and hot and sour potatoes. The dish is made with meat, but this is far from the main ingredient, so you can omit it or ask not to use it.

6. Date cake

I tasted this date cake in a Northwest Chinese restaurant and it amazed me. Soft, moist and very aromatic crumb with walnuts inside. The taste is very special, in short, I recommend it. I also recommend considering the sweetness of dates, tasting the dough and adjusting the amount of sugar, because Chinese dates are not always sweet.

7. Chinese fried potatoes ⠀

This is a great option for preparing a familiar dish in a new way. Most often, the Chinese add bacon or just lard to fried potatoes but I decided to make a more spring and lighter version – in vegetable oil.

8. Milk coconut dessert

I tried this recipe quite recently, when a colleague gave me a treat at work. Then it turned out that these milk cubes  young neinei Xiao fang) are sold on almost every corner. The dessert is delicious and very light. They are especially good in summer on a hot day straight from the refrigerator.

9. Chinese Seed Cookies

I tasted these cookies kahau zip baingan) when I was studying in Xi’an. My friend and I regularly made bulk purchases at a small bakery near the university. And now, after 8 years, I decided to reproduce it in my kitchen. It turned out very well! The cookies came out light, crunchy and thin, well, and the seeds added a nice flavor accent. By the way, the same cookies can be made with sesame seeds, it will also be delicious.

10. Leek cakes

I tasted this dish back in Xi’an, as it looked understandable and harmless. What else does a person who comes to China for the first time need? It is also a super anti-crisis dish. If there is nothing in the refrigerator, then this Chinese flatbread  jading cōngyóubǐng) will save you from hunger, or at least eliminate the need to run to the store.

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