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Turkey is one of the countries that combine relatively inexpensive holidays with a fairly high level of service. For many years it has been attracting travelers with picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage.  Excellent infrastructure, high level of service, water parks, cheerful animators, children’s cuisine and the popular all inclusive service system – all this will be cordially offered by most local hotels. That is why Turkish resorts are very popular among tourists.

Every tourist will find something to their liking: excursions, walks, rafting on the rivers, routes in mountainous areas or a regular beach holiday. The tourism industry of the country is well developed and offers any entertainment and excursions even to the most sophisticated travelers. One of the country’s most prominent attractions, along with its architectural and natural heritage, is its amazing cuisine. In our article, we will talk about how food is organized in Turkey and how much food in catering establishments will cost.

What to try in Turkey

Turkish cuisine occupies a special place in world cuisine. This is a whole philosophy, which implies not only special cooking, but also table setting and serving dishes. She absorbed the traditions of many peoples. Neighboring countries had a special influence on its development: Greece, Syria, Iran. Favorable climatic conditions, geographical location, as well as religious restrictions played an important role in shaping the traditions of local cuisine.

The main ingredient of the dishes are vegetables, meat and seafood, which are usually cooked on the grill. Seasonings and spices are widely used in cooking. However, the national cuisine cannot be called too spicy. So, what are the culinary associations associated with Turkey that almost every tourist has? These are mouth-watering and loved all over the world diner, kebab, dolma, bronze cheese.

Turkish delight, baklava. We will tell you a little more about these and other dishes that you should definitely try. Adana kebab is minced lamb meat with onions and spices. Served in the form of long grilled sausages. Pattypan kebab is an incredibly tasty kebab of meat and vegetables.  Tajik is a cold soup made from cucumbers and yarran, somewhat reminiscent of okroshka. Balyk-ekmek is a fish that is grilled and then wrapped in a flatbread with vegetables or fried in crispy dough. Kite are small fried meatballs made of meat.

onions and spices, served with a spicy sauce. Turkish delight is the most famous variety of Turkish sweets. It is said that in this country there are hundreds of Turkish Delight recipes: honey, nut, milk and even rose petals. Syutlach is rice pudding. Incredibly light and tender sweet dish.  That is why Turkish seafood is widely used in traditional cooking. You will be offered various dishes from them both in hotels and in any restaurant or street stall.

Thus, inexpensive, modest hotels of the category up to three stars will offer three meals a day, soft drinks and alcohol throughout the day. True, it is better not to count on special culinary delights in such places. As a rule, this is a monotonous menu with a minimum amount of pastries and fresh fruit.

Four star hotels provide four meals a day. Here, tourists will be offered a wider selection of dishes, sweets, pastries and fruits. Drinks are served at the bars throughout the day. And beach bars and eateries near the hotel offer light snacks from 10.00 to 17.00-18.00. In addition, in the “fours” hotels, along with outdoor pools, there may be indoor ones, there are often water slides on the territory.

and some hotels even have entire water parks. In hotels of this class, cheerful animators organize various entertainments, contests, discos and entertaining games. Five-star hotels are distinguished by even more varied and tasty food, which is organized in the same way as in four-star hotels. In addition, ultra all-inclusive meals in Turkey are found in five-star hotels.

This meal concept also includes snacks throughout the day, replenishment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the minibar in the room, ordering meals in the room, as well as a nightly dinner. Of the entertainment (except those offered by animators) can be water slides, water parks, as well as rafting or kayaking. Some “five” organize the days of the national cuisine of a country, such as Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, as well as fish days.

Holidays with children assume that you will spend most of the time on the territory of the hotel: by the pool or on the beach. That is why the all-inclusive system is very popular in this country.  And this is an additional plus when young travelers are resting with you. Many parents are well aware that it can be quite difficult to please little picky ones. However, with a large selection of dishes, pastries and fruits that can be tasted in unlimited quantities, this difficult task is greatly simplified.

On the second or third day of rest, children usually already decide what they like. Thus, you can organize baby food in hotels in Turkey without any problems. It is rather difficult to single out hotels in Turkey with good food, because the way of cooking, taste and serving of dishes depend on the skill of the chef who currently works in the hotel restaurant. If this aspect of relaxation is important to you, then at the stage of travel planning it is necessary to study the latest reviews of tourists on selected hotels.

Almost all tourists note the huge variety and incredible presentation of dishes that try to surprise the chefs of restaurants. Food in hotels in Turkey will not leave anyone indifferent, so be careful not to gain a few extra pounds.

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