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What to try in Thailand from food?

Are you planning a vacation in this wonderful country and wondering: what to try in Thailand from food? Interested in what desserts and fruits you should definitely try?  After all, Thai cuisine can really surprise a tourist with a variety of unique and unusual dishes, as well as pleasant prices for food in Thailand.

This delicacy is not in vain called the king of national Thai cuisine. Tom Yam Goong is an amazing dish that will amaze the tourist with a huge bouquet of flavors: from sweet to spicy. It has many cooking options, but the most popular includes shrimp, fish (or chicken) broth, shiitake wild mushrooms, lime or lemongrass pieces, and pasta of the same name. However, each cook prefers to add his own ingredients. Also, a traveler from Europe may be surprised by the traditional serving of the delicacy – it is poured directly into a small bag, which comes with a plastic plate and spoon.

Due to the sharpness of the soup, it is not advised to try it for an unprepared person, since the body can react to such a dish in a completely unpredictable way. The average cost of Tom Yam is about 70 baht.

Soup with coconut milk Tom Kha

Lovers of soups and spicy dishes in Thailand are waiting for another delicacy – Tom Kha with coconut milk. It has a pleasant, original taste, which cannot be compared with any delicacy familiar to us. The main ingredient of the soup is chicken (in some cases, fish may be added). During the preparation of Tom Kha, local spices are used: cilantro, ginger and lime leaves. Some establishments may focus on chili peppers, however, according to the traditional recipe, the spice and sweet aftertaste should be emphasized rather than spiciness.

Fried Rice Noodles Pad Thai

All the components included in the Pa Thai hot dish recipe will not seem unusual to the tourist. These are fried rice noodles, beans, egg, local fish sauce, sugar and salt. You can also choose additional ingredients for this dish: seafood, chicken or pig meat. At the end, the delicacy is sprinkled with peanuts or lime is added.

When visiting an establishment that has an open kitchen, feel free to order this noodle! Because the process of cooking it in the hands of an experienced chef turns into a whole show.

papaya salad som tam

This special spiced delicacy can be called the most famous salad in Thailand. Its taste cannot be described in one word. It’s sweet, salty, spicy, and the green papaya makes it truly unique.

Som Tam is prepared with the addition of various ingredients, but fermented fish sauce must be present. In addition to it, garlic, onions, tomatoes and green beans are added to the salad, and at the end they sprinkle with nuts or add shrimp.

The special soft and juicy taste of the salad is achieved due to the unusual cutting of the components – the products are mixed and crushed in a special mortar and poured with sauce, pressing down until juice is formed.

Salad Yams Nua

Especially for travelers who want to quickly satisfy their hunger, Yams Nua salad is suitable. Such a spicy dish has an original taste thanks to a large number of spices, including chili, mint, coriander and lime.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls, a traditional Thai snack, are a diet treat served in the form of a stuffed envelope. The most common ingredients in these small rice rolls are shrimp, chicken, or regular vegetables. Cooking methods can also be different: both frying and steaming. The price for this light snack starts from 45 baht.

Fried chicken with cashews

If you have not yet decided what to try in Thailand, then be sure to pay attention to this delicacy. It is also a great option for the unprepared traveler as the dish is not as spicy as the others. However, just in case, do not forget to add “know spicy” when ordering, then the chef will definitely not add a large amount of hot spices.

The main ingredient is tender chicken meat, which is fried in a special pan with the addition of spices and vegetables, and then seasoned with cashews.

Green chicken curry

Kang Keaw Wan Gai is a traditional northern Thai dish, but can also be found in the south of the country. This delicacy will appeal to lovers of thrills and spices. Green curry with chicken is also distinguished by an interesting serving – it is taken out in a small bowl, which is filled with sauce and coconut milk. Inside the bowl are tender pieces of chicken meat mixed with vegetables and seasonings. In addition, among the components of the dish, you can even find a special Asian fruit with many useful properties – Thai eggplant. The cost of such an exotic delicacy is about 70 baht.

Red Curry Geng Deng

This dish has become popular among European tourists recently. However, its popularity is growing every year. Geng Deng combines the harmony of sweet and sour taste familiar to Thai cuisine. Delicious meat is cooked in coconut milk with the addition of curry and kaffir lime leaves.

Thai desserts

The list of dishes to try in Thailand includes original desserts! Almost all of them contain fruits, coconuts and, of course, rice. Here you can taste delicious and original delicacies that cannot be found in any other country.


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