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Top 10 spiciest dishes from around the world

Eating habits are extremely diverse. Especially when it comes to spicy food. After all, it pretty much irritates the taste buds, which not everyone will like.

In some countries, spicy food is a national feature and reflects the local flavor. This is largely due to climatic conditions. Heat and stuffiness at first glance are not at all compatible with chili peppers and other hot spices.

However, in fact, such food perfectly cools and normalizes body temperature. This is due to the fact that a person sweats more actively, and moisture, in turn, evaporates from the surface of the skin, cooling it.

For a European person, spicy food is more of a curiosity. Not everyone likes it, and the debate about the pros and cons of such food does not stop. So, according to some reports, spicy food promotes longevity, activates fat burning processes and improves the functioning of the digestive system and blood circulation.

However, you should be careful with spicy for gastritis, heartburn and other ailments associated with the digestive tract. In general, for unprepared taste buds, it is important to observe the measure and especially not to lean on such food.

We share 10 original recipes for spicy national dishes that you will definitely like if you have a special liking for thrills.


Korean cuisine is famous for its spicy and unusual combinations. You can even say that Korea belongs to the palm when it comes to acute gastronomic sensations. This can be seen even in the characteristic color of most local dishes.

This applies, for example, to the popular Korean dish kimchi. It is pickled vegetables. Basically, Chinese cabbage is used to prepare this dish.

Tacos with beans and avocado

When we talk about spicy food, it is absolutely impossible to ignore Mexico. National cuisine is replete with the most daring and juicy combinations. Quesadillas, burritos, nachos, salsa sauce – all these dishes are in the original version with a spark.

Today, Mexican cuisine is quite popular and restaurants serving national dishes are open everywhere. But they are mostly adapted to the European stomach and do not contain so much pepper and other spices.

Try making another famous Mexican spicy dish without leaving the country – tacos with beans and avocados. If you like unusual sensations, then you will definitely be satisfied.

Chicken “Tanduri”

India is a country of spices and spices. Not surprisingly, a large number of dishes have a spicy taste. This is largely due to the humid and hot climate, because food at such temperatures quickly deteriorates and becomes a source of infections. Spicy spices act as a kind of protective barrier.

Soup Tom Yum

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular exotic cuisines, loved by gourmets all over the world. It is not surprising that in Thailand the cult of food is developed to a certain extent. The local cuisine is rich in various taste sensations. This statement clearly illustrates the fact that sometimes up to 40 spices and spices can be used to prepare a simple Thai dinner.

We offer to treat yourself to a delicious Thai dish – Tom Yam soup. It is a spicy and sour soup based on chicken broth with shrimp, chicken, fish and other seafood.


Caucasian cuisine is replete with all sorts of shades, tones and halftones, aromas and smells. However, all this variety of delicious dishes has a common feature. Such a common feature is the emphasis on savory spices and seasonings.

You can understand and taste this accent on the example of a popular and very tasty soup, which is a real pearl of Georgian cuisine. It’s about kharcho. In Russia, this soup is very popular and, perhaps, almost everyone has tried it. We offer one of the options for preparing kharcho.

Chicken with coconut milk and cashews

Sri Lankan cuisine can be described as hot and spicy. Some do not see the point in separating the local cuisine into an independent branch and treat it as a kind of Indian. Meanwhile, they still have differences. So, in Sri Lanka, they prefer to expose products to minimal heat treatment in order to preserve all the beneficial properties and aroma. But in India, on the contrary, vegetables are stewed for a long time and brought them almost to a creamy state.

We have found a cool recipe for you that will tell you something new about the cuisine of Sri Lanka. It’s chicken with coconut milk and cashews. The dish is both tender and quite hot. Taste buds will be pleased.

Fragrant roast beef with cumin and chili

Chinese cuisine is varied. However, few people know that it is quite sharp. To be more precise, the most piquant branch of Chinese cuisine is Sichuan cuisine. Traditionally, this has to do with climate. High humidity encourages locals to actively use chili, garlic and ginger in cooking.

Flavorful roast beef with cumin and chili will please thrill seekers and will be a nutritious and satisfying lunch or dinner. Serve the dish with rice.

Avocado with shrimp ceviche

If Chinese and Mexican cuisine are familiar to the Russian consumer firsthand, then everything is more complicated with Peruvian cuisine. Not everyone has even the slightest idea about it.

Prepare a Peruvian shrimp ceviche appetizer adapted to European food tastes. Usually this popular dish is prepared from raw fish with the addition of spices and spices. Avocado with shrimp ceviche is a great first introduction to local culinary traditions.

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