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The most delicious and popular cakes

A good cake will brighten any occasion, lift your spirits and bring a lot of pleasure. Among the huge variety of options for this favorite dessert, there are real culinary masterpieces, the impeccable taste and appearance of which can only be envied. Our rating of the most delicious cakes includes famous works of the best confectioners in the world, made from original and affordable ingredients.

Talking about the most famous cakes in the world, we immediately note that most of them are not difficult to prepare. If desired, almost every recipe can be recreated in your own kitchen. The history of some confectionery masterpieces goes back several centuries, and some of them became popular relatively recently.

The famous Hungarian pastry chef József Dobos had a difficult task. He needed to come up with an original cake for the National Confectionery Exhibition that would retain its taste and freshness for seven days.

This is how a luxurious dessert of six thin cake layers, layered with chocolate cream, decorated with crispy caramel decor, was awarded the golden imperial cross and became a real culinary symbol of the Hungarian capital.

The calling card of this world-famous delicacy, which has become a real bestseller, is the characteristic design in the form of a cobweb decorating the top cake. The classic version of “Esterházy” includes five tiers of almond flour mixed with whipped egg whites. To connect them together, butter cream is used.

The cake is decorated with white icing with a signature “cobweb” of chocolate and crispy almond petals. Considered the national dessert in Hungary and Austria.

When presenting the most delicious cakes in the world, one cannot fail to mention this famous dessert, known to many housewives under the name “Drunk Cherry”. It received its original name from the name of the area where it was first invented and manufactured.

The base of the cake is made from chocolate Genoese sponge cake, alternating with whipped cream and juicy fresh cherries. It is imbued with Kirschwasser cherry brandy, which is made in the Black Forest, giving it a special taste and aroma. Cream and natural dark chocolate flakes, reminiscent of “black forest,” are used as decoration for the confectionery product.

Many fans of this delicate, melt-in-your-mouth dessert have no idea that its history began in Ancient Greece. The recipe for this delicacy, classically made from cottage cheese, dates back to the fifth century BC.

Much later, the recipe for the dish was improved by confectioners from Great Britain and the United States. In Foggy Albion, the souffled version without baking has become very popular. And in America, cheesecake prepared by baking has taken root.

When talking about famous cakes in the world, one cannot ignore this most popular dessert. Its main highlight is its unusual cooking method. Instead of traditional cake layers, the base of the cake is made of savoiardi biscuits, which are soaked in coffee (sometimes with cognac) and layered with the most delicate Mascarpone curd cheese cream. This treat is served chilled with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

The authorship of the famous confectionery product is attributed to the Italian confectioner Roberto Linguanotto.

This chocolate masterpiece is a true legend of confectionery art. Its story began in 1832, in the kitchen of the Chancellor of Austria, Clemens von Metternich. The cake got its name in honor of its creator, a simple apprentice Franz Sacher, who, due to the illness of the Chancellor’s chief cook, was tasked with preparing an original dessert for the guests.

The dessert consists of rich chocolate sponge cake layers coated with melted chocolate. The sourish-tart layer of delicate apricot jam gives it a special piquancy. Later, the recipe for the legendary cake was repeated by many pastry chefs in various variations. For example, in the Soviet Union, the beloved dessert “Prague” was developed on its basis.

This delicious, melt-in-your-mouth delicacy was invented in distant Australia, which the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova visited on tour of her ballet. Her performance impressed the local pastry chef so much that he created an incredibly airy cake in honor of the graceful beauty, associated with feminine grace, lightness and aristocratic beauty.

The dessert layers are made from meringue, complemented with delicate butter cream and fruit. In shape and decor, it resembles a ballerina’s skirt fluttering during a dance.

If we were choosing the most popular cake in the world of the 90s, this wonderful delicacy, which first appeared in Poland, would rightfully take first place in our ranking. The dessert from the E. Wedel factory, made from chocolate soufflé, was produced in the form of candies. It became a full-fledged cake thanks to Soviet confectioners who replaced the gelatin present in its recipe with agar-agar.

The cake, made in accordance with GOST, consisted of a thin sponge cake covered with a layer of delicate soufflé, filled with milk chocolate. Oil swirls on a glossy chocolate glaze were used as decoration for the product.

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