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Tea Dox Diet After Diwali

Seema Mato Shares How To Detox Your Body And Keep It Healthy After Diwali

In the last week of Diwali, overindulged and overjoyed?

Dietitian and sports nutritionist Deepshika Agarwal says, “A detox diet (eating only green vegetables and fruit for one meal or a day) emphasizes antioxidants; fights free-radicals in a digestive system damaged by fried, spicy foods; and improves metabolism. It also needs to increase the rate and immunity,” he says.

Control food intake

After eating all the oily food, the first thing to do is stop fried or fried foods. It is even better if you forget to use oil for a few days. Eat non-ghee phulkas or rotis; Avoid buttered protas . According to dietitian Sagina Bhadrawala, “Diwali detox diet means a stricter diet than usual. So, cut your regular diet in half, especially carbohydrates and focus on fiber-rich fruits.

Drink too much!

Isn’t it important to keep your body hydrated and refreshed during the festive season? The best thirst quencher for this is water. You should make sure to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Make juices, coconut water, buttermilk, green tea and other liquids an essential part of your diet along with fruit juice and vegetables (watermelon, cucumber, tomato, celery etc). It will increase your nutrition and hydration. You can have these drinks on the go; Enjoy your Diwali shopping hassle-free. Fluids are essential to cleanse and purify the body system during the festival of Diwali. This is because air pollution levels are so high that various chemicals enter the body and cause havoc. Fluids are essential to keep your skin breathing and refreshed during the festive season.

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet!

Fiber is essential to rid the body of toxins. Avoid snacks and meals if you ever feel hungry between meals. Set them aside and eat a fresh fruit or vegetable salad instead. Include green vegetables in your daily diet. You can consume fruit juices and various types of vegetable soups.

Get back to exercise

A high-calorie diet and lack of exercise can be dangerous. So, move your body at least a little. Try walking short distances, taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. Avoid sitting in one place for too long. “Yoga, or a combination of exercise, walking, cycling and swimming, is good for heart function,” says Bhadrawala, who says plan your exercise routine and stick to it. Since you can do arm and leg rotations even while watching TV at home, there’s no question of not having time for it,” she adds. Start this routine, too, before you get back to your gym schedule.

You can visit the spa after Diwali

For post-Diwali physical and mental rejuvenation, many spas are ready. So, rejuvenate yourself with a variety of detox treatments. Scrubs, hydrotherapy, foot spa treatments, facials or oil massages by a trained masseuse will leave your body feeling healthy and well. Not only will it help you relax, but it will certainly promote a detox diet, reduce stress, and help you feel healthy again.

Increase fluid intake

In fact, increasing your fluid intake can help. Start your morning by sipping warm water. Aggarwal adds, “You can also consume fresh, antioxidant-rich gooseberry juice, which is rich in potassium and low in calories. Mix some orange juice and pomegranate juice with a pinch of sugar and salt and sip it throughout the day. For a vegetable juice rich in vitamin C and water, Zucchini, cucumber and gooseberry can be mixed with ginger,” he said. While milkshakes, lassi, nutritional drinks, fruit juice packets and soft drinks are high in calories; Avoid them.

A ‘green signal’ for green tea

Green tea is like a medicine; It cleanses your body. So, try to include it in your daily food routine, it will give you a fresh feeling. “Try to drink at least three cups of green tea a day,” Agarwal added. “Go for flavored green tea. It has herbs and natural flavor. Avoid sugar because it’s nothing but unnecessary fat.”

Glutinous sugar

With so many sweets to eat during the festive week, it’s a good idea to keep some sugar aside for later. In fact, for a week you can even cut back on sugar or avoid it altogether in your tea or coffee. The sugar in the fruit will fill that need. In fact, natural country sugar is always better than processed white sugar. If you want something a little sweeter, opt for a fruit salad mixed with yogurt. Abstaining from eating for at least one day after Diwali will help flush out all the toxins accumulated in the body prior to Diwali and during the festival.
To recover from stress, you can practice stress management techniques like yoga or meditation. You can rest and sleep to fully rejuvenate.

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