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Street food in St. Petersburg – 20 places with street food

Our website often offers the residents and guests of the city routes with audio guides and guides for walking and self-guided tours of St. Petersburg, in which the city itself is the main museum with many of its amazing and famous monuments of architecture, history and culture.

In terms of duration, excursion routes take from 2 hours or more, sometimes even half a day. On the way, tourists, especially with families and children, definitely need a rest with reinforcement. And there is no way to take something with you, and carrying excess luggage is often inconvenient, and you don’t want to burden yourself with excess weight when there is already a lot of load on your legs.

On the way, you may not come across a restaurant when you really want to eat, then, it is advisable to save your budget for exploring the great places in St. Petersburg and its environs. An excellent solution can be cafes and street foods that offer simple and quick-to-prepare meals, simple but tasty food, and at democratic prices.

When purchasing food at these points, you do not need to be afraid of poisoning, as tourists are sometimes frightened. Modern street food in the Northern capital are organized food outlets that guarantee the high quality of the food offered. These street establishments have a good selection for every taste and budget, besides, everything is delicious, the service is decent.

Most importantly, in St. Petersburg you can find the world’s favorite street food cuisine. It will be very pleasant for every tourist from abroad to taste their native dishes with the same inimitable taste far from home, as well as for any lover of this or that cuisine it will be pleasant to taste the long-loved dishes of their favorite cuisine of the world.

We will tell you about the most popular and trustworthy food outlets that can be found on the streets of St. Petersburg, where you can taste hearty, tasty, inexpensive, and most importantly, favorite treats.


UKUSNO – Serbian cuisine and bar

UKUSNO – cafes and vans operating in the street food format in St. Petersburg, where you can taste Serbian cuisine. Guests love the local traditional Balkan meat dish – pleskavitsa: a cutlet that is grilled and wrapped in freshly baked bread, flavored with fillings of your choice.

You can also order a hearty chicken burger, rich chorea soup – thick meat broth with vegetables and spices. Drinks include tea, coffee, juices. Serbian street food from UKUSNO is known for its impressive size, authenticity, natural taste and reasonable price. At the end of the excursion, you can have a hearty lunch or dinner with a pleskavitsa, drink fresh beer or cider to cheer you up, if you are near one of the establishments of this brand.

TAKOYAKI-YATAI and TAKOYAKI-MISE – Japanese street-food

Takoyaki-Yatai and Takoyaki-Mise are a corner of sophisticated Japanese taste in St. Petersburg. The owner of the concept of a branded Japanese dish in the Northern Capital is Sebastian Danilov. The idea to open a restaurant with Japanese street food in the city on the Neva came to him after he had been to Japan and tried takoyaki.

He liked this Japanese snack so much that he thoroughly studied the recipe for the dish, participated in city fairs with him, and gained experience, first launched the Takoyaki-Yatai kiosk on the territory of the Tazi loft project, in a former cargo container, and then opened full-fledged café Takoyaki-Mise on Liza Chai kina street.

Takoyaki-Yatai is the first establishment of the chain imbued with the spirit of Japanese festivals: the café can be immediately identified by the red lanterns glowing inside. This is an open kitchen format, where they cook quickly and tasty. Overall, the brand gets its name from its concept dish. Its exquisite taste can always be enjoyed at the Takoyaki café in St. Petersburg.

The unique Japanese dish Takoyaki is prepared as follows: in a special oven from dough on fish broth, the most delicate balls are baked, inside which they put various fillings from seafood. She defines the type of takoyaki. But be sure to sprinkle takoyaki with sauce and sprinkle with tuna shavings.

In Takoyaki-Yatai, in addition to different types of takoyaki, up to assorted fillings, you can try Onigiri rice triangles with several types of fillings.

In Takoyaki-Mise, 5 different types of this dish are prepared: with octopus, crab, shrimp, mussels and squid. The product is generously poured with Japanese sauces and sprinkled with tuna flakes. The menu also includes Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza), another type of Japanese street food, a fried tortilla sprinkled with tuna flakes.

In addition to these main dishes, guests are offered several varieties of Japanese teas of the highest quality, a variety of milk-based drinks, including hot drinks – matcher-cappuccino, haji-cappuccino, chicory-cappuccino, from cold drinks – a milk drink with taro potatoes, a milk drink with Japanese melon, matcher frappe, haji frappe.

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