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Last week, the Bangkok authorities announced that there should be no mobile eateries on the streets by the end of the year. In the struggle for cleanliness, the capital of Thailand will be deprived of an important attraction: merchants who equipped mobile kitchens in the evenings allowed tourists to feel the nerve of a city where they love and know how to cook. Gazeta.Ru is about what they eat in countries where street food is not yet banned.


Whether you like it or not, American fast food will always haunt you. For a quick bite to eat, all you have to do is walk out of your door: there will definitely be a burger and chips diner or a hot dog van nearby. In the States themselves, in addition to the international bun with cutlet, there are local characteristics. For example, the famous Chicago pizza. Deeper than the regular pie-like, it is also baked with tomato sauce and various types of cheese and is considered a must-try dish in Chicago.

Hot dogs are the second most favorite dish of Americans. Even the most avid vegetarians are crazy about them, because you can put in a soft bun not only meat, but also any “healthy” ingredients. There are tens of thousands of hot dog carts in America, so sellers resort to every opportunity to attract buyers. The state of Iowa, for example, is famous for its hot dogs wrapped in potatoes. Crowds of tourists come to watch the chef masterfully twist a potato spiral onto a long sausage.

Sweet tooth lovers can go in search of churros tents and sandy ice cream vans. Fried dough sticks covered with cinnamon and sugar are served for breakfast, and hot chocolate is offered for sweet tooth topping.

The famous American sandy dessert is a plain ice cream with fruit syrup, berries and nuts. Its origins are unknown: New York, Ohio and Louisiana are still vying to be the homeland of the dessert. The most expensive Sunday in the world was created in the New York restaurant Serendipity 3. A dessert worth $ 1,000 in 2007 was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

In New York, the so-called pretzels are very popular – rich pretzels that were invented in Germany. The Americans have modernized this sweetness and created various variations of the design of German pretzels: today they are served with ice cream, syrups and other toppings. 136 million kg of this dessert are produced annually in the USA.


The easiest way to eat in Vietnam is to go to the outdoor market. Most of the shops here are run by women, and the business is passed down from mother to daughter through generations. In Vietnam, it is impossible to walk a block without bumping into a crowd of hungry people at the shops selling Pho soup – a fragrant transparent chicken or beef broth with fresh herbs and noodles.

If you need a quick bite, then your option is a dish called “bun-cha”.

It was them that Barack Obama ate in 2016 while filming a program with American chef Anthony Bourdain.

Rounding out our selection of street food is the national Vietnamese sandwich, Ban-mi. It is a traditional French baguette filled with cold meats, pâté and carrots. In southern Vietnam, chefs complement their ban-mi with cheese, sausages, pickled vegetables, fried egg and chili sauce.


To get acquainted with Taiwanese street food, tourists go to the largest night market in Taiwan – Shalin. The sizzle of oil, the abundance of smoke, and the smell of Asian food can cause mixed feelings in Europeans. At the same time, visitors note here the cleanliness and neatness of the trading floors, which is unusual for Asia. The brightly decorated counters are crowded with glazed strawberries and tomatoes. It is noteworthy that tomatoes in Taiwan are considered fruits. According to tourists, the taste of a tomato in combination with sugar is practically not felt: it seems that you are eating a pear in batter.

At the market, you can buy freshly squeezed juices and fruits, which, by the way, cost a penny in Taiwan. A persistent smell of seafood hangs over the night bazaar: they are fried, dried, smoked, stewed here, added to noodles and other national dishes.

Typical Taiwanese street food is crispy tofu sprinkled with soy sauce; served with cold pickled cabbage.

But the birthplace of “bubble-tee”, which today can be bought in any shopping center in Moscow, is the Taiwanese city of Taichung. The recipe for this unusual tea was quickly adopted by businessmen around the world and began to open bubble-tee bars in their cities. Most recipes today include a tea base mixed with fruit juice or milk. However, if you want to taste the original drink made from black tea, condensed milk and fruit-filled tapioca balls, head to the Taiwan Bazaar.

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