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best food of French cuisine: what a tourist should try

Cooking in this country has been elevated to the rank of art, and French serving of food is included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage. Contrary to rumors, they don’t eat tons of frogs here – it’s more of a delicacy. We will advise you on what products you should bring home as delicious souvenirs or to master French cuisine. Descriptions of dishes with photographs will help you not get lost in this gastronomic paradise.

We have dedicated separate articles to French desserts, cheeses and wine. It’s really worth talking about them in more detail. Be sure to read it before your trip – it will come in handy.

Onion soup

Perhaps the first thing every tourist needs to eat in France. It’s hard to believe that onion soup is so easy to make. The French claim that the recipe for the dish was invented by Louis XV himself. The king became hungry while hunting, and in the forest house there was nothing but onions, butter and wine. Having fried the onion until golden brown, he sautéed it in wine until it turned into soup.

Today in the best restaurants in Paris you can try the same dish (don’t worry if you come to eat with children – wine is not always added). It is often topped with a thick layer of cheese and served with a slice of baguette or croutons. This is an amazingly simple yet delicious dish that is definitely worth eating at least once in your life.

Onion soup in France is even sold in cans. Not as tasty as in snack bars or restaurants, but this product will make an excellent gastronomic souvenir.

Coq au vin

Food in France is impeccable down to the last detail, and coq-au-vin is a great example of this. Cheap wine is not suitable for its preparation: the chicken must be stewed in the same drink that will be served. There are many recipes for this French dish.

so you need to try it in every region of the country. A rooster in wine Burgundy style is considered a classic. Meat cooked in local wine is deliciously tender. The products complement each other harmoniously. Once in France, be sure to order coq au vin for dinner – thousands of reviews from satisfied tourists prove that it is almost impossible to be disappointed in this food.

Croque monsieur

The French are so sensitive to food that they follow the rules of traditional serving of dishes every day, never eat on the run, and their dishes are always delicious? Not true. Come to Paris and you will quickly realize that street food is just as popular in France. Yes, in this country they really love to eat beautifully and thoroughly, but this is not always possible.

To experience typical French life, try a croque monsieur sandwich. This mouth-watering sandwich with ham, cheese and béchamel sauce is delicious. It is served in gourmet restaurants, sold in street fast food stalls, and prepared for breakfast at home – it is a very popular French snack. After trying the croque monsieur, be sure to pay attention to its “girlfriend” croque madame – almost the same sandwich, but with fried egg on top.


Something between a stew and a casserole. Cassoulet is the first thing to eat in France for connoisseurs of hearty dishes that contain beans. The basis of this French food is duck, goose, pork or other meat – depending on the region.

Vegetarians can try vegetable-based cassoulet in France, and seafood lovers can try it with shrimp. The thick stew contains beans; greens, tomatoes, and onions are often added to it. The dish must be baked in a special pot. It turns out to be a very rich, aromatic, tender stew with a fantastic taste.


Open pies on thin dough with a juicy filling of meat, fish, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables or fruits. This is a very popular French pastry that is definitely worth trying. Quiche can be baked as a large pie and sold by the slice. It can also be portioned – in the form of small baskets with an appetizing crust.

This is perhaps the most popular street food in Paris, and tourist reviews about it are extremely positive. It’s understandable: this is the perfect inexpensive snack with an unimaginable number of toppings. Among hundreds of quiches, everyone will find their own.

Nisuaz Salad

This is the first thing to try when it comes to food in Nice. It was here that this legendary French salad was invented. The dish is prepared from juicy fresh vegetables, boiled eggs and anchovies (sometimes tuna). It turns out to be a satisfying but light dish with a very interesting taste. Today, this salad can be easily tasted not only in Nice – in restaurants throughout the Cote d’Azur, Paris or other French cities, it is also prepared very often.

Bring from France a jar of anchovies, olive oil, concentrated lemon juice, and wine vinegar. The last three ingredients will be useful to you for preparing other French dishes.

Escargots de Bourgogne

A real delicacy of French cuisine that is definitely worth trying at least once in your life. In France, snails are cooked very tasty (the version with garlic sauce alone is worth it!). The best product is considered to be escargot from Burgundy. The dish of the same name, escargots de Bourgogne.

is made from this type of shellfish. Shells and snails are prepared separately. The meat is complemented with a delicate mixture of butter, basil and garlic. The aromatic minced meat is placed in shells and then baked in the oven until golden brown. This is a great delicacy that you must try in France, even if you have never dared to eat snails before.

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