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Recreation and food in Bali

Although Bali is not so large, however, the variety of its resorts, beaches, as well as catering establishments will be envied by many other resorts located in Asia. In restaurants in Bali, prices sometimes differ quite significantly. For one visit, you can pay a large amount, but the same dishes in another institution can cost you an order of magnitude cheaper. Therefore, those tourists who rely on budget meals should not be especially worried.

indonesian cuisine

This cuisine prevails everywhere in Bali. It simply amazes with its varied content and specific spicy taste. However, what you will be served at a local restaurant will still be different from what is prepared for local residents. Usually the food for the Balinese includes spicier ingredients, so for lovers of spicy food there will be, most of all, expanse.

Public catering and prices in Bali

Once on the beautiful beaches of Bali, you are unlikely to decide on self-cooking in the morning. Some of the tourists do just that, but they are in a clear minority. All the rest, and this is the vast majority, eat in nearby cafes and small restaurants.

Many of them are quite decent, although there are some warungs (roadside cafes) that are best not to visit. A typical lunch in 2017 in Bali will cost you around 4-5 dollars. The menu offers not only national Indonesian cuisine, but also delicious dishes of local island cuisine. Food prices may also vary depending on the level of the restaurant.

What dishes can be ordered in restaurants and cafes

Mostly vacationers here prefer Indian and Indonesian cuisine, and special connoisseurs of Asia are looking for separate establishments with Chinese cuisine. Not far from the beaches, there are a huge number of coffee shops serving classic European dishes. For example, a standard breakfast of solid toast accompanied by scrambled eggs, ham, and salad will only cost $3. And in an Italian restaurant they always serve a main course, which will cost you 5-6 dollars.

Restaurants and cafes in hotels

Here you can order a good breakfast or even dinner. The main advantage of such establishments is that they serve not only their guests, but also any tourists who have looked at them for a light. Here you will be offered dishes of local and European cuisine according to your choice. It cannot be said that the prices in these establishments are quite inexpensive, and the dishes of traditional Balinese cuisine will be greatly adapted to European tastes.

Average check in bars and restaurants of hotels

Usually, the average check of these establishments will depend on the level of the hotel itself, namely, on the number of stars it has, the presence of live music and some other points.

Prices in hotels vary greatly from fairly inexpensive to prices that will be higher than in Moscow. But in general, you can count on the fact that dinner for one person at the hotel will cost between $40-$80, depending on the menu ordered. For those who love sushi, we can recommend the restaurant at the Rouge Hotel.

local ration

For those who have given up meat in their diet, the prices in Bali will appeal even more, as there is simply an unthinkable amount of all kinds of vegetables and fruits. In addition, for those who want to take advantage of the so-called budget food, restaurants for locals may be suitable.

In them, a large vegetarian dish, which you can completely fill up, will cost only a dollar or a half. Although in the same place a regular lunch will cost a couple of times more. The only negative in such establishments is the lack of names of dishes in English on the menu, but this inconvenience does not bother many at all.

The cost of food

As elsewhere, in Bali, the cost of food depends on the distance to the beach. The closer to it, the higher the prices. First of all, this applies to restaurants and cafes, but stores also show a considerable difference in the cost of the same products in different places.

The highest prices for food are fixed near the popular beaches of Jimbaran Beach and Legian, so if you want to save money, you will have to look for a store or supermarket further away.

Average prices on the market

The most affordable food prices are local markets. Of course, locals can buy vegetables and fruits there cheaper than foreigners, but, nevertheless, tourists also get tangible savings when shopping there. A kilogram of cucumbers and tomatoes will cost you only 0.5 dollars, and for the same kilogram of potatoes you will pay 1 dollar. Exotic fruits in the market are sold for 1-2 dollars. Greens are even cheaper.

Prices in supermarkets

When analyzing such a question as “how much does food cost in Bali”, it is necessary to keep in mind the key food products that are purchased in supermarkets. The price of milk varies depending on who is its producer. If it is a local company, then the price per liter will be $1, and if it is imported, then its cost will be twice as much.

Bread will cost you only half a dollar, and such a delicacy as squid – $ 4 per kilogram, and it will be half the price of chicken. The most popular product in Bali is rice, it costs about $1 per kilo. Alcohol here is quite expensive: you will pay $20 for a bottle of wine, and more than $2 for a can of beer. For cheese, depending on its variety – over $ 30.

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