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Indonesian, in particular Balinese, cuisine is one of the most important reasons to come to this island. The food here is affordable, both in price and location. Local cafes (warungs), where you can taste all the main treats of Bali, are located in almost every lane. We advise you not to linger in the restaurants at the hotel, but to go for gastronomic adventures on the street – to the carts of merchants and to establishments where locals eat.

Rice (Nasi)

Rice is the basis of Indonesian cuisine. After all, the local way of cooking simple rice can surprise you very much! It is sautéed with vegetables (nasi goreng), served steamed (nasi campur) and very bland with a variety of sauces.

The local population generally idolizes seasonings, dressings and savory dressings! It nicely embellishes ordinary cereals.
You can taste it in every cafe, warung and even in restaurants. Rice is the bread of the Balinese, which is prepared in every family.

Spiced suckling pig marinated on a spit (Babi guling)

The carcass of a young pig, filled with vegetables and spices (shallot, garlic, ginger, coriander and many others), is strung on a skewer and sent to the coals. The process of preparing this dish is long, but the final treat turns out to be complex – half of the contents of the roasted pig is boiled into broth with the core of a young banana tree.

A dish is served with rice, lots of sauces and chips made from the skin of an artiodactyl, a victim of the cook. You will not be able to find babi guling in ordinary cafes and warungs. After it, you should go to places specializing in the preparation of this particular treat (you will see the name of the dish on the signs). A whole piglet per company will cost about $100.

Skewers on lemongrass skewers (Sate lilit)

This dish is made from minced seafood mixed with popular Balinese spices (turmeric, ginger, galangal, coriander). Blinded skewers are strung on lemongrass skewers. Then they are grilled on the grill. Serve a wonderfully spicy dish with walnut sauce or hot pepper sauce. Close attention to the kebabs should be paid to those who find themselves in the east of Bali. Here, the chefs approach this treat with special trepidation.

Fried bananas (Pisang goreng)

Gorengan is a common name for dishes similar to our pies cooked in fried oil. These small bananas (for pisang goreng, small varieties are used, which are characterized by a honey aroma) are loved by both locals and tourists. Where else, if not on a sultry island, to try such an exotic sweetness?

Soup Bakso (Bakso)

Carts of this soup will pass you by many times as you explore the latitudes of Bali in search of inspiration or souvenirs. Bakso – the name of a kind of meatballs with a diameter of 3-5 centimeters (from almost any kind of meat, fish and seafood) floating in the broth. Sometimes in the core you can find a tofu or quail egg filling.

Strictly speaking, the dish is not entirely local – it is borrowed from the Chinese who moved to this region. But the direct gastronomic association of a traveler who has visited Bali will be associated with this treat. In the peddlers’ carts, broth, meatballs and various additives await orders according to individual proportions.

First of all, let’s get things clear: Indonesia is a country made up of over 17,500 islands, so you can imagine how big, extensive and varied its cuisine is. For example, in Hindu Bali, one of the most typical dishes is Babi Guling (pork!), something that the rest of Indonesia (a majority Muslim country) could not eat…

But it is also true that there are a number of popular recipes that share their success in every corner of the country. So let’s tell you what are the 10 dishes in Indonesia:


One of the most typical, common and cheap dishes in Indonesia. Nasi kampur is a rice-based (nashi) recipe that is accompanied by pieces of meat (usually chicken), vegetables, eggs, tempeh (a type of fermented soybean tofu), and sauces. Obviously there are vegetarian versions, you just have to ask for meat not to be served :-p


This is a fried rice dish (usually with chicken, vegetables and soy sauce). The truth is that it’s one of those dishes that you always get right with, unless you’re very creative, if you want to eat something quick and tasty that doesn’t bite and isn’t cheap… me goreng!


One of our favorite options: sate (or satay) are meat skewers (usually chicken) that are grilled and topped with a delicious peanut sauce. You can find them in many beach bars and they are definitely cheap.


One of the rarest salads we’ve ever seen: Gado Gado is usually made with bean sprouts, green beans, tofu, cabbage, eggs, and potatoes, although it’s most curiously served with shrimp chips and peanut sauce.

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