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Beautiful bridges crossing the Ljubljana River, Art Nouveau buildings fascinate and make you admire the capital of Slovenia. The city lives in an unhurried and relaxed rhythm, it is not customary to rush here. However, the capital is often referred to as an “undiscovered pearl” due to the fact that.

compared to other European cities, Ljubljana is not very popular among tourists. A trip to the heart of Slovenia is a great opportunity to combine a beach holiday on the Adriatic coast or active sports with an extensive cultural program. Judge for yourself: the nearest beaches and ski resorts are located at a distance of 50–70 km from the capital.

Our article is devoted to one important sight of the city, without which it is impossible to make a complete impression of Slovenia. We will tell you what to try in Ljubljana from food, as well as how much food costs in cafes, restaurants and shops.

In Slovenian dishes, Hungarian, Austrian, Italian and Slavic motifs are clearly discerned, however, local chefs have managed to create their own unique recipes.

The national food of the country is a variety of soups, meat dishes, cottage cheese and pasta. Let’s briefly list what you need to try in Ljubljana in the first place: Gob ova juba – a soup of porcini mushrooms with the addition of vegetables, cream and cheese. Often it is served not in a plate, but in rye bread. Iota yuan – bean soup with sauerkraut and vegetables.

Vipavska iota – sauerkraut soup. Kranj ska sausage is the most popular smoked sausage in Slovenia. Prate – pork roll. Delicate, juicy and fragrant, with a “surprise” inside: boiled eggs are wrapped in minced meat, and then the dish is baked. Prosciutto is a pork ham cooked in a special way. According to an old recipe, salted meat was not smoked, but dried in cold mountain winds.

Strule are a kind of dumplings made from buckwheat flour. The filling can be meat, cottage cheese, bean. Balaka – salted fish pate. As a rule, cod is salted, separated from the bones and ground into a homogeneous mass, mixed with olive oil. Chomped eon skua – potatoes boiled in their skins with cottage cheese.

The Compare Night festival is dedicated to this simple dish. Protista – yeast dough roll with poppy and walnut filling. Prekmurska gibanica is a dessert made from the most delicate dough, poppy seeds, apples and cottage cheese. Kerman retina is an airy puff pastry dessert with two types of cream.

Ljubljana people prefer strong and sweet black coffee, but tea here is usually brewed from meadow herbs or fruits. Do not miss the opportunity to try the local liquor “Pletershka Khrushchev”, which is prepared by the monks according to an old recipe. The peculiarity of the liquor is that the pears are grown in bottles and then filled with brandy. Prices in cafes and restaurants

Every year more and more tourists choose small cozy Slovenia for recreation. In addition to the sea, mountains and attractions, the country is characterized by moderate prices.

On average, prices in cafes and restaurants are lower than in Germany and Austria, but higher than in Serbia and Montenegro. So, what is the cost of food in Ljubljana per person: breakfast – from 5 euros; hearty lunch with a glass of beer or wine – 8-10 euros; dinner in a good restaurant – from 30-40 euros; local fruits in season – from 2 euros per kg; ice cream – from 1 euro; coffee – 1-2 euros.

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Ljubljana 2022 In this section, we will study in more detail the prices in the institutions of Ljubljana. For example, consider several menus taken from the websites of cafes and restaurants of different price categories. We suggest starting our review with the most fashionable establishments.

How much does lunch cost in one of the most expensive establishments: a five-course tasting menu – 57 euros; seven-course tasting menu – 73 euros; nine-course tasting menu – 87 euros. Drinks from the tasting wine list are paid separately.

it will cost from 34 to 56 euros, depending on the number of drinks. Prices in Ljubljana restaurants located in busy tourist areas are approximately the following: gob ova yuan – 6.5 euros; carpaccio of porcini mushrooms – 8.9 euros; pickled sardines – 7.9 euros; Adriatic tuna with vegetables – 10.9 euros; chicken pate with truffle and pear –

8 euros; homemade pasta with truffles – 10.9 euros; cuttlefish risotto – 11.9 euros; octopus with potatoes and vegetables – 21 euros; veal baked with vegetables – 21 euros; black ravioli – 18 euros; hazelnut mousse – 5.9 euros; cottage cheese strudel – 7 euros. If you move away from the noisy streets deep into residential areas, you will certainly find cafes where the townspeople prefer to eat. As a rule, in such establishments.

the menu is presented only in Slovenian, and the design of the room does not impress with the author’s design. However, here you can taste national cuisine dishes relatively inexpensively, have a hearty meal and not overpay. For example, here are the prices in a café in Ljubljana for locals: vegetable stew with veal – 5.5 euros; fried veal with mashed potatoes.

pickled onions and parsnips – 7 euros; falafel with hummus and salad – 7 euros; salad with parmesan – 6.5 euros; salad with smoked salmon – 7 euros; Kranj sausage – 3.5 euros; juice, tea – 1 euro. Look out for special offers at lunchtime. Many cafes and restaurants in Ljubljana offer set meals. For 10-12 euros you will be served soup, main course, salad and a drink.

Walks and excursions are an integral part of the holiday, and they are much more fun after a hearty snack. On this occasion, the Slovenes have a proverb: “An empty bag will not stand.” If you do not have time for a full meal in a restaurant, you can always buy something on the street. Street food in Ljubljana is pastries, hot dogs, shawarma, sweets, which are sold in numerous stalls, shops, bakeries.

Boueri are pies with various fillings. The dish came to Slovenia from Turkey and gained immense popularity. These mouth-watering pies are sold in stalls and pastry shops. The price of a burke, depending on the filling, is about 2-3 euros. Cevapcici is another famous Slovenian street food dish.

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