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The best PP breakfast

Breakfast is the main meal, it starts the day. Everyone agrees with this statement. But what exactly to eat in the morning causes endless debate.

First of all, nutrition provides the body with the necessary substances for normal existence and support of metabolism.

The processes of anabolism and catabolism are always present.  When we sleep, anabolism processes predominate, that is, tissues are being built, as long as we do not interfere with this with our activity.

This process mainly consumes amino acids. Of course, there is a consumption of vitamin and mineral components. But their reserves are replenished gradually during the day. Whereas essential amino acids are spent in a few hours and the body itself cannot synthesize them.

Timely support of anabolic processes during wakefulness will prevent disturbance and normalize metabolic processes and provide a proper energy charge.

In order for the tissue building processes to work fully during sleep, the body also releases energy. First, from blood glucose until its level in the blood falls to the minimum allowable level, and then the breakdown of fat reserves begins.

Protein and carbohydrates for breakfast

Since in the morning the body needs to replenish the supply of essential amino acids, it means that proteins are an obligatory breakfast item.

But, in order to provide the body with normal physical activity and properly form the process of energy consumption, you need to add some carbohydrates to the morning diet. Otherwise.

energy will be drawn from the breakdown of proteins from tissues or proteins obtained from food. The latter carries huge risks, since potentially toxic nitrogenous compounds are synthesized in the body due to such processes.

What’s with the fats?

Fats, vitamins and minerals, as well as other bioactive substances, the body replenishes throughout the day without any haste. Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary to pay special attention to these nutrients, namely, in the morning. It is enough to harmoniously distribute their use throughout the day.

Dietary fiber is an important breakfast item!

Having made a healthy breakfast of proteins and carbohydrates, it would be nice to take care of filling the morning diet with dietary fiber.

Whether you eat oatmeal (long-cooked) or whole grain bread, you’re already getting some fiber. But it is better if, in addition to the main dishes containing protein and carbohydrates, you include vegetables or a salad of spinach, arugula, iceberg in the first meal.

I hope that some readers, praise themselves, because they are doing everything right. And some figured out how to eat breakfast to meet the minimum needs of the body after sleep.

Why is breakfast so important? In fact, everything is very simple. During sleep, your body is without any energy supply. For 8 hours, and sometimes a longer period, you are without food.

you must definitely have breakfast. The blood sugar level will normalize and, importantly, the metabolic processes will start. At the same time, your emotional state will improve, you will feel a charge of vivacity and energy, it will be easier for you to concentrate and solve tasks. A nice bonus is that all the calories that you ate at this meal, you will definitely burn during the day.

fVery often, losing weight try to eat as many harmful and forbidden foods as possible at the first meal, so that later during the day they adhere to dietary nutrition.
whole grain toast with avocado

PP scrambled eggs for breakfast in a frying pan

For this dish you will need the following ingredients:

20 grams of spinach. Wash the leaves, dry and finely chop.
50 grams of green beans. You can use frozen beans, it wonderfully retains all the beneficial properties.
1 tomato. Wash and cut into cubes
2 eggs.
Put the pieces of tomato in the pan and fry them a little, then put the spinach and green beans.

PP breakfast of lavish and eggs

Another simple and convenient breakfast recipe can be prepared using pita bread. It is quite possible to take such a breakfast with you if you do not have time to have breakfast at home.

Armenian lavish
a little low-fat cottage cheese.
3 eggs. We will use only 1 yolk and 3 proteins.
We spread a thin layer of curd cheese on a sheet of pita bread, put an omelet on top, sprinkle with herbs and roll it into a roll.

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