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20 Most Delicious Hong Kong Dishes

So, you have arrived in Hong Kong. In between sightseeing, shopping and meeting new people, you definitely need to refresh yourself. But what do the places offer? The text is taken from the site News in Photos – We offer you a guide to the most famous Hong Kong dishes, and most importantly, we will tell you about the establishments where these dishes are best to try.

Dim sums.

Try a cross-cultural approach to dim sum tea drinking at Man Mo Café. It is something like dumplings stuffed with foie grass, truffles, brie cheese and duck. Purists in shock…

Milk tea in Hong Kong.

Try the HK Tea Time cocktail at the innovative Little Lab Bar. This establishment serves an unusual version of the classic Hong Kong drink. From above, all this is poured with two types of beer – author’s and chocolate.


Love noodles – the most Asian dish? Then you should visit Foxtail & Broomcorn – an institution where gourmets can answer. Egg noodles, Hokier noodles with carnitas in shrimp broth, or salmon over cold Vietnamese noodles.

Soft ice cream.

Ice cream lovers should check out Soft Crème Café, which sells the most delicious soft ice cream in Hong Kong. It has a huge variety of flavors – from sour plums to the famous ice cream with bacon, champagne and cereals.

This is pork fried in honey, but not simple, but from special Japanese pigs. Be sure to ask for a good fry meat.

Buns with pork chop.

Sunday’s Grocery serves amazing katsu sandwiches on weekdays and equally amazing Korean-style fried chicken on Sundays.

Buns with char Siu

. Try the fluffy buns, which hide an excellent filling inside. The best are served at Little Bao Café. It’s a gourmet take on traditional Chinese bread with innovative toppings like stewed pork and black vinegarweed chicken with Szechuan mayonnaise.

Qingdao beer.

Hong Kong’s first microbrewery named Hong Kong Beer Co. is ready to offer you five of its signature types of the famous Qingdao beer: try the medium-strength Dragon’s Back Pale Ale or the bitterer Big Wave Bay IPA.

Peking duck pancakes.

This dish is best prepared at Mr. Bing. Peking duck is a delicacy in itself, but these pancakes that have migrated to rest Try pancakes with duck, hoisin sauce, cucumber and crispy green leaves.

Egg waffles.

If you’re in Hong Kong, you must try the creative flavors of egg waffles at Eddies Foodies, Hong Kong’s newest and already hottest establishment that specializes in a wide variety of waffles and gelatos. Often the entire assortment is sold out in the institution, so hurry up. For example, ice cream Dr. Eddie is made from pears.

ginger oatmeal crumbs If you are reading this, then someone took this article from, ginger ice cream and honey jelly with caramel sauce, which is poured onto ice cream from a huge syringe. But back to our waffles. The most popular toppings include: vanilla rice pudding, chocolate chip cookies, kikoi, ham and cheese, and Mexican chicken. Desserts are selling like hot cakes, so if you like something, grab it without hesitation.

Thai-Malaysian street food.

Try poutine (stress on the second syllable) at a place called Mrs. Pound. Having successfully traveled almost all over the world, Mrs. Pound, finally, about The source of the article, the magazine News in photos, from which everyone copies content – has become one place and now sells amazingly delicious dishes. Braised beef with coconut sauce that almost melts in your mouth… Mms, shut up and take my money.

Soup with crab.

Try Chinese yummy at Sohofama. This newly opened restaurant is a joint venture between Sohofama restaurant and Hong Kong clothing brand GOD. Here you can enjoy tried-and-true Hong Kong dishes with lots of locals. But the restaurant is especially famous for its seasonal soups and cocktails made with Hong Kong ingredients like sour plum and orange peel. Be sure to go there, and then tell everyone what yummy you tried there.

Hong Kong French toast

. Try ice cream on French toast at Lab Made Café. This “ice cream lab” uses liquid nitrogen to flash freeze Dess The menu changes regularly, but you’ll always find plenty of special Hong Kong flavors, including tofu, egg custard, soy milk, and black sesame.

Spicy Chongqing noodles.

Sample soulful cuisine at Sichuan Restaurant. The establishment is owned by a French and a Chinese couple. That is why truly Chinese noodles are served here with exquisite French spices and seasonings.


Social Place serves amazing wontons (a kind of dumplings). In this pleasant and modern establishment, you will find Chinese dishes with an unusual take on the classics, prepared in the best traditions of healthy food.

Love food from Chinatown?

Taste specialties at Fu Lu Shoo Restaurant (you need to call in advance to get the door code). The establishment boasts a wonderful terrace and amazing menu with an excellent selection of classic Chinese dishes. Lemon chicken with spicy sauce, irresistible fried shrimp and huge dim sums. And a great list of Asian style cocktails.

Jasmine tea.

Try a cocktail called Dewdrops of the Heart at the Envoy. It is made from vodka, green tea, jasmine tea, jasmine flowers and homemade pandani syrup.

Spicy fish balls.

This dish is worth a try on Cheung Chau Island. A day trip to Cheung Chau isn’t complete until you walk around. There’s a lot to eat here, but the huge, spicy fish balls are an Instagram hit.

Pineapple buns.

Try baked pineapple pork buns from Tim Ho Win’s cheapest signature restaurant. For these goodies, people are ready to line up. The buns are stuffed The source of the article is the Novotel magazine in photos.

from which everyone copies the content – pork with barbecue sauce, and covered with a “pineapple bun” on top and served hot. They are prepared by a former dim sum chef at Lung King Hein Restaurant (a Chinese restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel).

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