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7 best traditional Indian dishes

typical Indian food

In this article, we will introduce you to the 7 most famous dishes of Indian cuisine, as well as where to buy Indian food at home near my area, their history, recipes, their names, and everything related to their cuisine and gastronomy.

We will first look at how to say Indian food in English, since if you live in Anglo-Saxon countries and want to order delicious Indian food at home, you will need to write in English to start your search, you can search for it in two ways:

Indian Cuisine near me or Indian food delivery near me, you can use Indian dishes in the same way as Indian dishes

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Where to buy Indian food at home in my area?

We did a survey of the cities most looking for Indian food restaurants at home and we have a link to where to eat at home Indian food.

Girona, Oviedo, Salamanca, Santiago and surrounding areas I leave you a link to order Indian food at home HERE

Homemade Indian Restaurants in Mexico and Latin America

Just like we explored the cities that are most interested in Indian food online in Spain, we also did it in Mexico and Latin America, here we leave you a link so you know where to buy Indian food at home online.

History of Indian or Traditional Hindu Cuisine and Gastronomy

Indian cuisine or Hindu cuisine is diverse, its emergence is due to the enrichment of its cultural diversity during centuries of colonization.

For this reason, various culinary habits brought by the settlers were included and blended over time until they became the series of trends known today.

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How to eat typical Indian food with your hands?

There are some customs regarding behavior and ways of eating.

Traditionally, food is placed on the floor or on a mat, and the four fingers of the right hand (except the index finger) are used to take food from the plate (banana leaves are also often used as plates).

Today these traditions are slowly disappearing and people eat little by little with forks and spoons (spoons are very important in Indian cuisine).

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Typical traditional cuisine of India

Among the typical Indian dishes, there are many ingredients in the recipes to prepare Indian food at home, keep these basic ingredients in mind.

Dishes accompanied by chickpeas, chicken, rice, lentils, cauliflower, spicy, with pork and coconut milk, as well as gluten-free, spicy-free and meat-free specialties.

This recipe has spread to other parts of India, adding a lot of spices and chili peppers.

The original vindaloo did not have potatoes. When you know that the word “aloo” in Hindi means “potato”, this difference will increase.

This is another ingredient brought by the Portuguese to India.

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Kill Pamir

A creamy North Indian curry recipe made with diced cheese and green beans. This is a sauce based curry recipe that is perfect for rice, kebab, pancakes or any Indian flatbread.

This is a very light and simple Sabri that can be made with basic ingredients available in most Indian cuisines.

This exotic cheese curry is made with tomato sauce, onion and other Indian spices. There are several variations of this recipe, including adding potatoes, cream, and even cashew butter.

However, this recipe is a simple cheese-killing recipe consisting of just peas and cheese cubes. In addition, this recipe can be expanded to a killing aloo recipe by replacing potatoes with cheese.

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Rogan Josh’s Indian cuisine consists of stewed lamb chunks cooked with gravy. Usually Indian cooks make this sauce from golden onions, yogurt, garlic, ginger and fragrant spices.

Known for its bright red color, the classic Josh Rogan uses large amounts of dried Kashmiri chili peppers.


Naan are yeast-leavened flatbreads that are usually served at all meals.

Chile naan is great for spicy lovers.
And, of course, there is always the classic plain naan.

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