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The best Turkish foods in restaurants

The capital of Ukraine has always been the center of the intersection of different cultures, which naturally reflected on the peculiarities of local gastronomy. With the advent of the 21st century, Eastern, including Turkish, cuisine came to Kiev in its full diversity. Unfortunately.

in the minds of many Ukrainians, it is still associated with either “beach” sweets or cheap fast food. At the same time, not many people in Kiev know that recently a considerable number of Turkish restaurants have appeared in their city, offering an authentic and high-quality version of their national cuisine. It is about such establishments that you can read below in the Posttest review.

I would like to start the review with an institution whose existence, in a sense, rehabilitates the “shawarma” type, classic for our latitudes. The usual set of salad, sauce and meat, tightly wrapped in pita bread – it is shawarma in this serving, although even here it is somewhat shyly called Diner, is the main course of a small eatery Diner House, located in the building of the Bessarabia market. In addition, the menu offers hummus and falafel, among drinks – yarran. Everything is up to 40 hryvnia, the café is open around the clock.

The establishment, located at Khreshchatyk, 13, that is, not far from the Passage, is already a full-fledged restaurant, representing the whole variety of Turkish cuisine. The main clientele of the Locant restaurant are local office workers, which is not surprising, because a business lunch, which includes kebab, soup, salad, pilaf, bread, tea and a dessert to choose from, will cost the visitor only 79 hryvnias.

Breakfast, which, in addition to scrambled eggs, vegetables and honey, includes two types of Turkish cheese, will also cost the guest 79 hryvnias. The average lunch totals approximately 1000 grams, and a vegetarian menu is also available. The menu changes a little every day. This place is perfect for those who want a satisfying, cheap and quick meal.

Café Cay Breakfast House, like Basidia, is primarily focused on its regular client. Among the Turkish population of the capital, this place is well-deservedly popular, so finding an authentic picture of a Turkish feast in a café is not a problem. The feature of the menu, as you might guess from the name, is the serving of a classic hearty Turkish breakfast, which necessarily includes cheeses, olives, eggs, and vegetables.

There are also many oriental sweets to choose from and, of course, a variety of teas. Of the main dishes, you should try Pied – Turkish pizza, the dough of which is molded in the shape of a “boat”, inside of which minced meat and other fillings are wrapped. The institution is located on Chokolovsky Boulevard, 31, not far from Sevastopol kaya Square.

This Turkish restaurant is part of the popular Dalia Cafe&Restaurant restaurant chain. The most colorful detail of the interior is an oak wood-burning stove. Each guest can watch the process of preparing their dish thanks to the open kitchen.

The room itself, decorated with all the features of traditional Turkish restaurants, is spacious and bright. The gastronomic side of the matter is also not far behind – the Kebab Dash restaurant provides an opportunity to try almost the widest range of traditional Turkish dishes in Kiev, from lahmajun and pied to lentil soup and pity – the local version of the Azerbaijani national dish, cooked in a closed lamb earthenware dish.

This establishment, located at B. Khmelnitsky 30\10, is the first restaurant in Kiev that seeks to instill in the residents of the capital a culture of proper consumption of diner and knock down a negative reputation from this dish. It is not surprising that the choice of diner is huge here – the classic Turkish version of veal or lamb, diner with pilaf, in pita bread and baguette, in the form of a sandwich, as well as byte diner, which includes butter.

It should be noted that the assortment of the institution is not limited to one dish and includes a wide selection of salads, soups, side dishes and sweets. A special mention deserves a tea set, which includes jam and lyab-lyabi – a set of dried fruits. The menu of the Diner restaurant is author’s, compiled by Chef Ahmet Oz Turk. He began studying cooking at the age of ten and has thoroughly mastered all the classic Turkish recipes. A portion of the classic diner will cost the guest 129 hryvnia.

One of the principles of this institution is to prepare a dish not for display or for a beautiful photo, but in the form in which it is consumed in Turkey. A wide selection of hearty meat dishes. For most of them, you can choose sauces and spices to your own taste. In addition to Turkish cuisine, the restaurant’s menu offers Mediterranean dishes, including king prawns and grilled fish.

In addition, it is worth trying the national strong liquor rake, a product of distillation of wine from grapes, which is infused with anise root. Usually drunk diluted with water. Turkish grill is a rather atmospheric place, because the owners of the establishment are fans of the Besiktash football club, as evidenced by the team’s scarf hanging over the bar. A business lunch will cost the guest 95 hryvnias. The restaurant is located on Basseynaya street, 19.

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