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Hello my dear girls! Yes, girls, because the topic we have today is PP breakfasts and other girlish pranks. If you follow my stories on Instagram.

then you probably already know that the topic of proper nutrition has seriously captured me in the last year and flickers there all the time.  But since we have decided that my first book will not be devoted to pp-recipes, I decided to upload all my favorite healthy breakfasts here.

Last spring, like most of you, I decided to lose weight for the summer. The figure on the scales, steadily striving for 60, began to frighten me in earnest.

After a radical change in diet, I lost 5 kg in 1 month and still maintain weight within the bounds of decency without any starvation or self-torture. But here it must be said that I maintain weight not due to PP or some other diet, but due to the fact that I completely changed the tactics of eating behavior and attitude to nutrition in general.

How to lose weight on PP?

I note that I have been fond of the topic of PP for more than a year. However, this did not prevent me from slowly but surely gaining weight. And this is with 4 powerful workouts per week, but otherwise a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

Then I began to study the theory to understand why I do not lose weight on PP. And I found out that no PP, no intermittent fasting that is so fashionable now, nor any other diets work for weight loss! At least for long term weight loss.

The goal of proper nutrition is not to make you lose weight at all, it has the goal of improving your well-being and health.

“Then what should I do to lose weight?” You ask me a completely reasonable question.

The secret of losing weight is very simple and has long been known to everyone, but for some reason we are still looking for some magic pills.

Accordingly, you have 2 options to choose from:

you increase physical activity without changing your eating behavior
Reduce your calorie intake without increasing physical activity.
How to increase the load you probably know without me. Sign up for a sport or walk more often. For example, in a supermarket.

Well, here’s how to reduce the number of calories with the help of simple and quick breakfasts, I will try to show you from my own experience.

First, cut down on carbs.

After a large number of indignant comments, I will highlight in bold: in no case do I call for eliminating fats and carbohydrates from the diet! I’m just saying that MY diet had so many carbohydrates that there was no room for proteins. Therefore, protein breakfasts helped to balance this advantage a little.

When I analyzed my pp-diet, I was horrified that it consisted of almost only carbohydrates and fats. For breakfast, I always had oatmeal with milk. And in 100 gr. oatmeal, by the way, no less than 375 kcal! To give you an idea, 375 calories I spend in about 1 hour of cardio training (large, track or ellipse).

For lunch, I traditionally used to have croutons with cream cheese, and this is also almost nothing but carbohydrates and fats. For dinner, as a rule.

I ate legumes or some vegetable dishes (I don’t eat meat and fish). Plus some snacks with fruits, nuts, dried fruits. In general, a nightmare! I realized that even with a 2-hour workout, I am not able to use all this storehouse of calories gained.

Secondly, replace carbohydrates with protein.

After such a discovery, I decided to replace carbohydrates with protein to the maximum, which was extremely small in my diet. In addition, protein maintains satiety much longer than carbohydrates and fats.

Since then, my rare breakfast does without cottage cheese, yogurt or eggs. Now I almost never eat oatmeal, which I once loved so much. And I absolutely don’t want it. I try to ensure that the main carbohydrates and fiber come from fruits and vegetables.

I note that I don’t count calories, I don’t know how to do it, and in general I believe that this is a thankless task. I just empirically deduced what approximately my daily diet should be in order to lose weight or maintain a stable weight. In other words, to consume no more energy than I spend. For example, on the day of training, I can eat more than on the day when I don’t get up at all because of the computer.

In general, I can talk about losing weight for a long time and tediously, but let’s still show you my PP breakfast topper.

My top pp breakfast recipes

Important! In this collection, I combined the “correct” and low-calorie recipes. Unlike the vast majority of modern so-called pp-bloggers, I do not use any sugar substitutes and reduced-calorie flour substitutes in my practice. I try to make my breakfasts as nutritious as possible, rich in vitamins and fiber, with a balanced composition of nutrients, and not just dietary.

If you want to delve into the topic of low-calorie desserts, then the guys from and their online course “Fitness Desserts” will help you.

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