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What is better to eat in the evening


The basic rules of a healthy dinner are simple and clear: firstly, it should not be high in calories (your body, which is tuned to rest, will simply have nowhere to put such a boost of energy), and secondly, it should consist mainly of proteins and complex carbohydrates (after all.

simple carbohydrates will immediately be deposited). in the form of excess volume at the waist) and, finally, dinner must end 3 hours before bedtime so that the food does not burden the stomach and you wake up in the morning feeling great.

It is according to these criteria for a healthy evening diet that we have selected for you the most suitable products for the perfect dinner and the best recipes with them.


Vegetables are the perfect food for any time of the day. This is a mass of fiber that regulates digestion, a storehouse of vitamins, beneficial trace elements and a minimum of calories.

Choose light vegetable dishes for dinner, and as for recipes, believe me, there is definitely a place to turn around and let your imagination run wild.

We at KitchenMag, for example, just love to cook the classic Greek salad in the evenings: this is a very simple recipe that even those who hate cooking can easily master, and your body will be eternally grateful to you for a light dinner rich in vitamin E, fiber, folic acid and natural antioxidants.

You can make yourself the simplest vegetable salad, such as spring salad with green beans, focus on home cooking and try the recipe for a traditional Italian salad with tomatoes and beets.

or finally come up with something completely original by adding other ingredients besides vegetables. Examples: a low-calorie salad with quinoa and asparagus, an unusual combination of chicken, avocado, spinach and strawberries, or a delicious and very nutritious salad with chickpeas and eggplant.

Vegetable cutlets

For many, vegetable cutlets are associated exclusively with the Lenten menu. We encourage you to look at this dish from a different angle and try to cook it for dinner.

There are quite a few non-meat patty recipes out there, but you’re sure to want to make cool dishes like quinoa patties with vegetables, tender vegetable patties with green peas and mustard sauce, or light zucchini patties with garlic and parsley.

Vegetables in this form will be useful for people with problems of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, and simply for everyone who takes care of both their health and figure.

Steamed vegetables

It is hardly worth saying something separately about such a dietary dish as steamed vegetables. This is the whole benefit of vegetables in their purest form. Do not be afraid to buy frozen vegetables: cold is the best preservative, and quick freezing perfectly preserves all the valuable vitamins and minerals that any vegetables are rich in.

Owners of a double boiler can quickly and easily steam their own vegetables at least every evening: green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots and many other mixtures are perfect for a light and healthy dinner. Yoghurt or low-fat mint sauce with green peas is a great combination for your vegetables.

baked vegetables

For those who are tired of steaming vegetables or find this dish too bland, we advise you to diversify your evening diet with baked vegetables. No harm to the figure, quick satiety and new flavor combinations are just some of the benefits of such a dinner.

Plain Brussels sprouts can be cooked with olive oil and garlic and served with fresh cilantro, any vegetables can be baked with cheese, and white vinegar and ground black pepper add an original flavor to baked zucchini.

Lean white meat, fish and seafood

Protein foods are an ideal choice for those who are watching their figure: they are quickly absorbed and do not overload the body with high calories or bad cholesterol. White meat holds the record for protein, vitamins A, E and B, potassium, calcium and magnesium.


Chicken for dinner can be boiled, baked or stewed. You can cook it as a standalone dish with some unusual sauce as the main highlight, or you can add dietary white meat to a vegetable salad: both options are good for a light evening meal.

Stewed chicken goes great with spinach or honey-mustard dressing, and salad lovers should appreciate the recipe for warm salad with chicken and avocado – it turns out to be very satisfying and tasty.


Turkey meat is recognized as the most dietary: it has even fewer calories than chicken, it is easier to digest than chicken meat and is digested faster. Turkey contains virtually no cholesterol and saturated fat, rich in calcium, sodium and the valuable amino acid tryptophan.

A turkey baked with herbs and a side dish of broccoli and mushrooms will be an ideal dinner in all respects. If you love spices and a spicy taste, try cooking a turkey with honey, mustard, paprika and chili sauce.

A fish

Fish is an excellent choice for dinner: it is completely absorbed and digested by the body within 2-3 hours. Choose low-fat varieties of fish: they have the most beneficial effect on our body, strengthening the immune system and nourishing us with important trace elements, such as iodine and fluoride.

We advise you to cook cod for dinner – this is the most dietary fish, besides, it always turns out very tasty, even with kale in garlic sauce, even with tomatoes and thyme.


For those who prefer only protein for dinner and nothing more, we recommend eating seafood in the evening. They are rich in polyunsaturated acids, such as omega 3), are good for the cardiovascular system and fight bad cholesterol.

Luxurious recipes for an original dinner: salad with octopus and olives, baked mussels with lime under cheese crust or baked shrimp with spices.

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