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National Cuisine of Bangladesh

Features of the national cuisine of Bangladesh

The people of Bangladesh take their traditions, customs and culture very seriously. Most of the population is Muslim, and therefore the national cuisine of Bangladesh will not please you with pork dishes, you will not try local wines here.

But the whole range of taste given to dishes by oriental spices is at your service! Not only Bangladesh, but the entire Indian peninsula richly flavors their dishes with seasonings and sauces. On holidays like Pahela Baishakh (Bengali New Year) you can try many of these dishes.


The most popular of the side dishes is rice, and the people of Bangladesh have a lot of traditions and customs associated with this product.

Locals eat any of the cooked dishes, always mixing with rice, or choosing the sauce with boiled rice. For lunch or lunch, various dishes with curry, meat with vegetables or fish are used. Wheat products are mainly consumed for breakfast. Mashed potatoes or eggplant are also popular.

Differences in the cuisine of different provinces

Taste and smell, cooking methods and taste accents vary depending on the province where the dish is prepared. For example, people in the western regions love ‘Muri ghanta’, which is made from the head of a fish, while the cuisine of the northern regions is very similar to Hindu cuisine, in its predominance of sweet and sour flavors. In the Dhaka region.

freshwater fish and spicy dishes are preferred. The special culinary style of the inhabitants of the Sylhet region is completely different from that adopted throughout the country. They use special fruits and chili peppers in their dishes, so the gastronomic delights of the locals are a bit sour. The long-term rule of the Mongol dynasty on the territory of this region also played its role.


The main thing is the same – in whatever region of Bangladesh you take gastronomic tours, you will always be served dishes with a lot of spices. The fertile land of this country gives birth to a huge number of varieties of seasonings, for every taste and aroma. Here and chili pepper, cumin, turmeric, paprika, coriander. A spice blend of cumin, black cumin, fenugreek and anise known as “Patch phorone” is used to prepare fish and vegetable dishes.


The national cuisine of Bangladesh can rightfully be proud of its desserts, and this is no coincidence! The inhabitants of this country are very fond of sweets, they approach the production of all sorts of goodies with a soul and do not spare anything in the ingredients, milk and sugar and eggs and even rice are used. Dessert “Phirney”.

hand-made sweet vermicelli “payesh”, curd dessert Sandesh “shondesh”, sweet rice pudding Khir “khir”, cold Halua chickpea dessert “halua” and a great many other sweets await you on a gastronomic journey through this country. There are also special dishes, for example, Pita “Pitha”, which the locals cook only in winter and use rice flour and coconut pulp for this. It turns out amazingly tasty, and you will definitely fall in love with this dish, having tried it at least once.


In Bangladesh, the cuisine welcomes fruit drinks and juices. Milk tea and red tea are the most popular types of tea, while lachchi and its most popular variety Borhani Borhani is an amazing know-how of the people of Bangladesh – yoghurt drinks! Alcohol is very rare here, after all, mostly local residents are Muslims, but alcoholic cocktails are also made for foreigners in hotel bars.

Prepared from rice and meat, lamb, beef or chicken are used. Being very hospitable, the locals love to treat visitors with their own homemade Biryani. This dish is no less popular in restaurants and hotels.


These are rice and mung bean dishes, very much loved by vegetarians. Stewed rice is mixed with oil-fried spices and mung beans. Vegetables are sometimes added to taste. On rainy days, locals like to cook it for lunch. As a tribute to Western culture. It is eaten with rice or bread, but always flavored with spices.

Elish fish fried and curried

Ilish fish (Hilsha) is the main attraction and pride of the national cuisine of Bangladesh. The most delicious dishes in the world are prepared from this fish, whoever tries it will never be able to forget this taste – be sure to let it try its magic on you.


In Bangladesh, you will find kebabs for every taste and mood. Shih kebab, kebab hari, skewers of meat or fish, but they have one thing in common, they are all extremely rich in spices. Therefore, you need to be prepared for quite a thrill when buying such food.

Eggs Korma

In this dish, you will find the sweetness of Bengali cuisine, and the sour undertones that are sure to captivate you! This dish is often prepared on holidays and eaten with rice.

Fast food

In addition to traditional national cuisine, Bangladesh is replete with fast food outlets, which are usually tied to restaurants or hotels. Here you can find world-famous burgers, pizzas, salads, sandwiches and European desserts. These restaurants are always crowded with customers, but be careful in such places – pay attention to what you eat!

Because food is an important part of the culture of the locals, gastronomic tourism has every chance of flourishing in Bangladesh, whose cuisine is famous for its flavors and aromas that are remembered for a long time! Therefore, do not waste time, contact a tour operator and book a gastronomic trip to this paradise of gluttony!

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