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Hot Turkey is striking in its beauty: the Taurus Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea with clear water, as well as orange and pomegranate groves that grow everywhere. The warm Mediterranean climate and fertile land make this country an ideal place for farming, which is why Turkey is famous for fresh fruits, berries and vegetables all year round.

Numerous markets and fruit shops offer you a huge selection of natural sweets. So, when going on vacation to Turkey, be sure to pay attention to its gifts of nature, which are not only incredibly tasty, but also useful, since there is a law prohibiting the use of chemicals in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. Let’s see what fruits you can offer on vacation in Turkey.

Seasonal fruits for your holidays in Turkey

The tourist season begins on the Mediterranean coast very early, the first tourists can enjoy strawberries, medlar – a fruit called the “Japanese apple” and mulberries already in April, and in May – green plums and cherries. Although these berries are served in hotels throughout almost the entire season, they are most fragrant in spring and early summer.

In May, the collection of medlar and juicy oranges continues. In June, more and more tourists travel to Turkey, prices are rising, and markets and food stalls continue to sell strawberries, cherries.

medlars and bananas, which are sold in Turkey all year round. Oranges are no longer harvested until the new harvest, which will be in the fall. Local apricots, cherries, plums, melons appear on sale. July is the high season: the sea is warm, more and more tourists are arriving. To those fruits that are already ripe, gourds are added. Melons in July are already quite ripe and fragrant.

But watermelons are just beginning, so they are often not very sweet yet. But if you arrive in August, your vacation will coincide with the peak of the watermelon season, which at this time will already be fragrant and juicy. At the end of summer, apples, pears, grapes, as well as peaches, nectarines, melons and watermelons ripen.

Ripe fresh quince is an amateur fruit: it knits strongly and has a rather harsh taste, but many may like it as a component of jam or compote. In autumn, confectioneries and restaurants of the Akka Hotels chain begin offering a delicious, light and spicy dessert called Quince Tatlysy. We definitely recommend trying it!

Exotic fruits in Turkey

Many of the above fruits are known to you, they can be bought and tasted in your country, and there are also quite exotic fruits that you may not be familiar with and which grow in such warm regions as the Gazipasa district of Antalya province.

Fruits such as mango, lychee, starfruit, snake fruit, sapodilla, goji berries, sugar apple and passion fruit have just begun to be grown in Turkey, and tourists can try them right on the plantation “from the tree” by visiting eco-excursions. And fruits like: persimmon, figs, pineapple, kumkuat, kiwi and avocado have long delighted tourists and residents of Turkey with their rich abundance of flavors and vitamins.

In general, Turkish hotel restaurants offer fruits and vegetables throughout the tourist season. But still, in order to truly appreciate the flavor of this wonderful and hospitable country, you should buy seasonal fruits at the local market at least once. Fruits in Turkey are tasty and environmentally friendly, because of this, their shelf life is very short. Therefore, if you want to enjoy fresh and tasty fruits, then by all means come to rest in Turkey!

Restaurants of Akka Hotels chain

Turkish hotels are famous throughout the world for their culinary delights and a variety of dishes. And the most famous and most visited holiday destination in Turkey is the Antalya coast with its beautiful.

clean beaches surrounded by fluffy coniferous forests, cozy hotels with luxury rooms with beautiful views of the heavenly corners of nature. If you want to relax in Turkey with the highest quality of service and service, enjoy plenty of delicious local exotic fruits, then you should pay attention to the Akka Hotels chain, which are considered one of the best hotels in Turkey according to Tripadvisor.

Akka Hotels, which are located in the picturesque town of Kemer, offer you an unforgettable gastronomic experience for you and your family, as the service is provided by numerous gourmet restaurants and bars, with the possibility of visiting with children.

If you want to enjoy all the delights of Turkish and world cuisine in peace and harmony, then children’s leisure is perfectly organized in Akka Hotels, such as Akka Antedon, Akka Alinda, Akka Claros and Akka Residence. You can choose the most convenient option for you, from babysitting services to game mini-clubs, where your child can have an interesting and active time with peers under the supervision of professional educators.

In the magnificent restaurants of our hotels you can taste the most delicious dishes of Turkish, Italian and French cuisine.

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