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What are the healthiest fruits in the world

The purpose of this article is to introduce women and men to fruits that allow the body to work properly. The article will tell you which fruits should be included in the diet for a particular disease, for prevention or just for a good mood.

If you go in for sports or fitness, let’s look at what qualities athletes value fruits so much for?

Fruits are good for the liver

The most useful fruits for the liver:

Bananas – do not burden the liver, are non-toxic, rich in vitamins and minerals. The yellow handsome man is able to improve digestion.

improve the functioning of the pancreas, remove excess fluid from the body;
Lemons – protect the liver, destroy harmful microorganisms, ensure the release of bile from the body;
Plums – remove toxins and slags, normalize bowel function, relieve heaviness in the stomach.

In order to highlight fruits that are good for the heart, you need to understand what it lacks for normal work.  Fruits, essential for the heart, should include calcium, potassium, vitamins B, A and C.

Healthy fruits for men

The strong half of humanity needs products containing tocopherol and zinc.

List of the best fruits for men:

Bananas are an aphrodisiac, a positive effect on potency, normalization of mood.
Avocado – increase libido.
Pomegranate – a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, prevention of oncology.
Oranges – strong immunity, increased potency.

Healthy fruits for women

Fruits are a favorite treat for children and adults.  Most fruits are low-calorie, so they become frequent guests in the diet of losing weight.

What fruits are good for women’s health? Apples and pears – this is due to their high content of copper, iron and folic acid. Fruits are valuable during pregnancy and during menstruation, they help cleanse the body and normalize the digestive tract.

What to focus on?

Fruits contain the elements necessary for the body.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend giving preference to green foods due to the high content of vitamins, carotenoids and folic acid. Their action is aimed at normalizing the process of hematopoiesis, improving the condition of the skin, and fighting diabetes.

It is recommended to leave the choice on fresh products, due to the valuable enzymes they contain, which take care of the human body with enviable care.  This increases the likelihood of buying an environmentally friendly product.

The most popular fruit Rating

Undoubtedly, fruits bring enormous benefits to the body. The positive impact of certain species on well-being will be discussed below.

Mention of it was reflected in the myths of Ancient Greece: the Greeks believed that the use of pomegranate seeds leads to immortality. Now this is not very relevant, but no one has canceled the natural value of fruits.

Fruit number 1 for men’s health, including sexual!  Although in fact, there are almost as many vitamins in this fruit as grains: A, B, C, E, and so on alphabetically.

In addition, pomegranate seeds and juice contain potassium and calcium necessary for a bodybuilder, which automatically allows you to include this fruit in your diet when gaining weight.


The avocado is a tropical fruit native to unforgettable and unpredictable Mexico. Outwardly, this exotic fruit resembles a pear, and in the center of the pulp there is a large bone.

Avocado is able to have a positive effect on the human body, especially on the work of the cardiovascular and digestive systems, and avocado is also useful for losing weight. These substances reduce cholesterol levels, increase peristalsis, and prevent the development of heart disease and gastrointestinal diseases.

It is safe to say that the pulp of the fruits of an exotic plant is necessary to maintain health, beauty and well-being.


Persimmon (“fruit of the gods”) is an orange joy for children and adults that came from China. Unlike bananas, it has no calories, so the fruit is included in modern diets. The chemical composition of persimmon is also amazing: a wide vitamin complex, amino acids, antioxidants, sugars, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, etc.


Due to the composition, the inclusion of persimmon in the diet reduces the risk of thrombosis, has a positive effect on the state of the heart and nervous system. The fruit will improve the functioning of the digestive and urinary systems, cleanse the body of harmful substances and even positively affect vision.

They help the body produce insulin, hemoglobin, and the amino acids needed to build healthy cells.

Bananas also contain fiber, potassium, iron, tryptophan and magnesium. All of these elements elevate your mood, lower high blood pressure, stimulate red blood cell production, help keep your blood vessels healthy, and can greatly improve your health.


At the word “lemon” many people involuntarily wrinkle their faces, remembering the sour taste of this fruit. Children know this firsthand, because lemon is the number one medicine in the fight against colds.

Lemon is rich in useful substances, it is worth paying attention to ascorbic acid and a high content of vitamin C. Due to its composition, the fruit is able to:

remove harmful substances from the body, free radicals,
Like other citrus fruits, lemon is one of the healthiest fruits for its unsurpassed ability to break down fats and stimulate the production of gastric juices. It is believed that if you drink a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon every morning, the liver and gallbladder will always be in great shape.

Note to competitive bodybuilders: drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice is also good before performances. Its invigorating aroma reduces fatigue, anxiety and nervousness, and improves concentration during training.

Please note that people suffering from ulcers and high acidity of gastric juice, lemon is prohibited.

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