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Vanilla-Almond Traybake with Whipped Buttercream & Jam This one’s got all the …

Vanilla-Almond Traybake with Whipped Buttercream & Jam ?

This one’s got all the flavours of a Victoria sponge, it’s just a *lot* less traditional with added almond…and I’ve also baked it in a brownie pan so I didn’t have to sandwich layers together. My fave bit was swirling some rather tasty ‘Strawberry & Wild Strawberry Conserve’ into the buttercream before adding a little fresh fruit.

Here’s the recipe:

? pre-heat the oven to Gas 4/180°C and line a brownie pan (20cm x 20cm) with parchment. Beat together the ing until pale and creamy (I used my stand mixer):

142g cooking butter (margarine)
142g golden caster sugar
1tsp almond extract
1tsp vanilla extract
Pinch salt

? Beat in the ing ingredients, alternating between the almonds, egg and flour (I then let it mix for a min or so, to incorporate some air):

45g ground almonds
1 medium egg
1tbsp milk
155g self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder

? Pour into the lined baking tin and cook for approx 28mins (middle shelf) or until golden and cooked through. Cool before adding the icing, which is:

125g icing sugar (sieved)
80g softened real butter
1tsp vanilla
1tbsp milk

? Still using the beater attachment I whipped the icing ingredients together for approx 3-5mins until super sooth and fluffy. Spread it all over the top of the cooled cake in a thin (ish) layer then swirl in 2tbsp (loose) jam and slices of fresh strawberry and blueberry (you could easily mix this up to whatever flavours you like!)

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  2. I was waiting for this recipe to drop thank you! Quick question if you don’t mind… can I use almond meal instead of ground almonds? I may make this tomorrow as I need it in my life now ??

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