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Africa is a land of diversity, be it culture or food! The continent is a mixture of different cultures and therefore different cuisines and foods. Although all the delicacies of African cuisine are not very popular in world cuisine, some of them, mainly related to the southern Sahara, do appear on the map of the world culinary scene. There are cereals, exotic root vegetables, and healthy holiday dishes on the list. Read on to find out more about Africa’s unique delicacies!

Pap en vlace / Shisa nyama

This is a popular and most loved combo dish of grilled meat and corn porridge. “Pap en vleis” is the name of a dish that has starched or stewed meat with a spicy corn porridge sauce. The meat is called Shisa nyama, which means “to burn” in the Zulu language. Tourists can enjoy this delicacy at Shisa nyama restaurants located next to butcher shops. These restaurants mostly exist next to butcher shops to select cuts of meat and cook them immediately on gourmet wood fires. Corn porridge that accompanies meat is available in various forms such as phuthu and stywe pap, krummelpap (crumb porridge) or suurpap (sour porridge). Some of the popular Shisa nyama eateries are Chaf Pozi, Orlando Towers, Corner Chris Hani Road and Nicholas Street.

chicken piri piri

Chicken Galinha a Zambeziana or Piri Piri is another delicacy, which is a mixture of chicken fillet cooked with lime, hot peppers, garlic, coconut milk and a special ingredient – Piri Piri sauce. It is most popular in Mozambique, where the cuisine is a mixture of African, Portuguese, Continental and Arabic flavors. Cooked meals include spicy sauces, coconut milk and spices. Chicken piri piri is mostly served with matapa, another cassava leaf dish cooked exclusively in peanut sauce.

Jollof rice and egusi soup

This unique food delicacy of Africa is a popular and favorite delicacy in West Africa, and above all in Nigeria. It comes in a pot and a spicy dish containing rice, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. The dish is the main dish at holidays and events. Nigerians have this dish with egusi soup (a broth made from ground melon seeds and bitter leaf), fried bananas, and crushed sweet potatoes. Tourists can also try other popular Nigerian dishes such as spicy broths made from a mixture of okra and fragrant chicken, and suya (spicy Nigerian kebabs). Some of the popular eateries to try Jollof rice and egusi soup include Yellow Chili and 27 Oju Olobun Close.

rabbit chow

Bunny chow is a hollowed out loaf of white bread stuffed with spicy curry. This is one of the popular street food in South Africa. The spicy curry in this dish was inspired by Indian workers back in the 19th century who loved spicy food after a hard day’s work on the sugarcane plantations. In Durban, tourists can eat rabbit at restaurants such as Britannia Hotel and Gounden’s Restaurant.

Capenta with sadza

Crispy fried capenta is a fish dish, a unique food delicacy in Africa and Zimbabwe’s favorite delicacy, primarily as a source of protein. It consists of capenta, two different types of tiny freshwater fish (found in Lake Tanganyika), stewed with ripe tomatoes, onions, fresh green vegetables and peanut powder. The dish is accompanied by a plate of corn porridge, popularly known as sadza. Tourists can try the dish both dried and fresh. The best way to eat this dish is in the traditional style, like scooping sadza porridge with sauce, mixing it with fish and eating it.

Another popular dish from Zimbabwe is fresh bream/tilapia friend with lemon butter. Tourists can try capenta with sazda at restaurants such as The Boma and La Fontaine Restaurant.

Chambo with Nsima

Chambo is a popular and most consumed fish in Malawi. The dish is cooked on a chombo grill and served with nsima (porridge) or chips. In addition, you will get the Chambo Ndivo dish, which is a delicacy made with a mixture of pumpkin, tomato, and peanut powder. Nsima and ndivo dishes are staple foods in Zambia. Tourists can try nsima chambo at eateries like Nkope Restaurant and La Mirage.

Namibian venison

Venison is a popular meat consumed in South Africa. In particular, the Namibians have the finest and finest gemsbok, kudu, zebra, warthog, ostrich and springbok meat for tourists. Namibian cuisine has mainly been influenced by a mixture of German and South African influences. As a side dish, you can find German delicacies such as sausages, jerky, sauerkraut and icebein, as well as a dish with potjiekos, biltong and brayweiss from South Africa. At restaurants such as Joe’s Beer House or Swakopmund Brauhaus, tourists can try different and new types of venison with the traditional osifima (a type of corn porridge) or mahanga (pure pearl millet).

Muamba de Galinha

The Angolan dish has a strong Portuguese influence in the way it is prepared. It is also popular as chicken muamba and is a spicy, buttery stew made with palm oil or palm oil. There is also a mixture of garlic, chili and okra mixed with the cooking method. Variations on the dish include the addition of muamba chicken, such as pule moambe. Another option is Niembwe chicken (the national dish of Gabon) made with palm nuts.

Another popular dish in Angola is Caldeirade de Cabrito, a goat stew made with potatoes, wine and tomatoes. Tourists can sample Muamba de Galinha at eateries like Ilha de Luanda.

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