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The right dinner for weight loss

The Slimming Dinner is an evening meal formulated with weight loss in mind.It energizes, saturates the body, allows you to stay full until lunch. Why dinner is needed, not everyone realizes. Sometimes they prefer to skip it for the purpose of losing weight, but this cannot be done.

Like breakfast and lunch, dinner plays a big role in metabolism:

Eliminates starvation. Prolonged abstinence slows down metabolism, causing the body to store nutrients in reserve.
Prevents deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients.
Relieves insomnia: it is more difficult to fall asleep on an empty stomach.
Supports metabolism at the right level.
Helps to restore strength after a workout or a hard day’s work.
Relaxes, soothes.
Important! In the recent past, a warrior diet has been developed in which dinner plays a major role. This is the most nutritious meal that is considered a must.
In order for food to be digested and not stored in the form of fat on the body, dinner must be properly organized and prepared.

Nutritionists give it the following characteristics:

Easy. PP dinner for weight loss should not leave a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, otherwise sleep will be restless. It is necessary that the food is completely digested and assimilated.
Useful. The right dinner for weight loss supplies the body with vitamins and minerals.
With a minimum number of calories to promote weight loss.
A portion of a simple dinner for weight loss is minimal so that there is no heaviness in the stomach.

Balanced, containing proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a ratio of 40/20/40.
Nutritious to satisfy hunger.
Eat before 7 pm so that the food has time to partially digest and assimilate. If you eat dinner late, most of the nutrients are not absorbed, and food is deposited with fat in unnecessary places.


In order for a dietary dinner for weight loss to be truly useful, follow these recommendations:

Eat vegetables first. They prepare the stomach for the digestion of heavy food.
The volume of vegetables should be 2-3 times more than protein products.
When losing weight, the calorie content of dinner is 300 kcal. If the weight is normal, but you strive to eat right, you can increase the calorie content to 400 kcal.

Eat at the same time. While the general recommendation is not to eat after 7pm, consider breakfast time. There should be at least 10 hours between morning and evening meals. If you eat breakfast late, move dinner too.
Use gentle food processing. Eat vegetables and fruits raw, if possible. Meat, fish bake, stew or steam. Avoid fried foods.

Chew thoroughly to fill you up faster and help your stomach.
Do not limit dinner to yogurt or kefir, as many lose weight do. These products will not be able to saturate the body and give it the necessary elements.
Take a walk an hour and a half before your evening meal to burn off some of your calories.

Drink half an hour after eating: water washes out gastric juice and impairs digestion.
Today, dinner is a meal when the whole family gathers at the table. But often it turns not into a heart-to-heart conversation, but into watching TV with eating fast food and junk food.

What can you have for dinner while losing weight?

The list of products for a light dinner for weight loss is quite wide, so everyone will find something to eat in it in the evening:

Protein products. They are digested for a long time, do not leave a feeling of heaviness, are a source of proteins and calcium necessary for the construction of body tissues. It is allowed to eat cheese, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, boiled or stewed lean meat (chicken, turkey), fish, seafood.
Legumes. It is a source of vegetable protein. They also leave a person full for a long time, so they are recommended before a long night break in meals. Suitable beans, lentils, chickpeas.

Spices with a mild taste. Avoid spicy foods that invigorate and lead to insomnia. But spices, not too spicy spices will soothe, relax and promote digestion (cardamom, ginger, coriander).
Sprouted grains. It is a source of many useful substances and a huge amount of energy.
Greenery. Not a single meal is complete without fiber when losing weight. It aids in the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients. Onion, dill, parsley, amaranth are suitable for eating for dinner when losing weight.

Mushrooms. Although they are considered heavy food, in small quantities they will help satisfy hunger and give the body valuable protein.
From drinks, give preference to herbal tea, fermented milk products, smoothies or juices. Small quantities of natural red wine are allowed.

What can not be eaten for dinner when losing weight?

There are a number of foods that are not suitable for dinner when losing weight on proper nutrition. They cause flatulence, heaviness in the stomach, are too high in calories, so there is a risk of deposition of excess fat in the body.

Unwanted products include:

beans and peas (cause bloating);
cream, fat milk, sour cream;
starch-rich vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots);
fatty meat (goose, duck, pork);
flour products (pasta, pastries, fresh white bread, pancakes or pancakes);
dishes and semi-finished products from meat and dough (dumplings, dumplings, pizza, sandwiches, chebureks, bellyache, etc.);
fast food;
smoked meats, pickles;
nuts, fruits (fresh and dried).
Of the drinks, soda, tea or coffee are not suitable for dinner (they invigorate and lead to insomnia), alcohol.

The specified food is considered heavy and is not suitable for low-calorie dinners for weight loss. But there are foods that cause controversy about eating them in the evening.

Cabbage causes flatulence, but has a low calorie content and is rich in vitamins, it cleans the intestines well.

Grains are slow carbohydrates that quickly saturate. They are also good for health, contain many minerals. But if they do not have time to be digested overnight, the excess will go into the “fat depot” of the body.

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