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That moment when ‘leftovers’ steal the show Remember that buttery swede and ca…

That moment when ‘leftovers’ steal the show ⭐️

Remember that buttery swede and carrot mash from yesterday’s post? Well I made these gorgeous little panko-rolled bites with the leftovers – the contrast in texture is amazingly delicious!

I feel like you’d get something like this ‘fried bon bon’ on the side of a posh restaurant plate (I’m imagining them with some sort of epic roast and a rich, glossy ‘demi glace’ sauce) but they’re equally at home as a Christmas canapé; maybe with a nice lemon/garlic dip, or for the meat-eaters some ‘nduja infused aioli ?
Simply hand roll little balls of chilled swede and carrot mash, pass them through flour, egg and panko breadcrumbs to create the shell then shallow fry in batches until golden all over (approx. 1-2mins on each side). Drain any access oil on kitchen paper and serve.

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  1. When mom makes rutaga gratin (which is a Finnish thing on the Christmas table) it’s a mash with butter, topped with crispy bread crumbs. I can imagine that she would love these as they probably remind of the Christmas dish!??

  2. Going to try this. I always have swede, carrot left over. I might put a little chunk of cheese in the center and maybe add a little grated parmesan to the crumb coat. ?

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