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Talk about a glorious festive spread! [AD] You guys know how much I love a pic…

Talk about a glorious festive spread! ?

[AD] You guys know how much I love a picky platter, so I was over the moon when Higgidy asked me to try out their new limited edition festive delights.

A lot of us still don’t know how we’ll be spending Christmas this year, but I’d love to enjoy a relaxed ‘help yourself’ kinda sharing feast with the fam; fire on and maybe a glass of fizz in hand, whilst I soak up all the family time I can get! For me, the festive season doesn’t have to be about striving for perfection or cooking everything from scratch – especially after the year we’ve all had! That’s where Higgidy’s wholesome and faff-free winter range comes in; we’ve got some of the usual buffet treats, but with exciting little flavour twists, perfect for seasonal eating.

On my table there’s an indulgent braised red cabbage & parsnip pie, (perfect for a vegetarian Christmas Day lunch – and my personal fave from the range…I usually don’t even like parsnips!), scrumptious pork & cranberry sausage rolls or brie & cranberry veggie rolls (ideal for seasonal snacking) and a comforting brie & spiced chutney quiche, which is great alongside leftovers (maybe for a Boxing Day buffet?). Everything can just be popped in the oven to heat up in under 25 mins – enough time for me to get the cheese and dips out to serve alongside. I wanted to try EVERYTHING so I’ve created my own buffet at home; swipe to see some of the goodies close up (they’re available in Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose).

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