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T U S C A N P A R C E L S …And yes, that is whipped ricotta on top; spiked wit…

T U S C A N P A R C E L S ?
…And yes, that is whipped ricotta on top; spiked with a little lemon zest and black pepper!

– with an ethos in mind, this rather scrummy creation was inspired by the new Higgidy ready-to-bake meals, and a twist on a recipe I spotted in their Veggie Cookbook: 120 glorious everyday recipes. I used the Higgidy Roasted Aubergine & Pepper Gratin with Cherry Tomatoes as a filling for these Mediterranean puff pastry parcels (—> SWIPE to see).

This is SUCH an easy snack to make – I just rolled out the puff, cut some squares, spooned in a little of the filling, then cooked them for about 25mins on gas 6; one of these meals filled 8 parcels (so they’re pretty generous)! As someone who cooks pretty much everything from scratch, I was genuinely impressed at how much nutritious veg was packed into the ready-to-bake meal and that they’re actually rather versatile – you can be as creative as you like with them!

The new meals are available exclusively at Sainsburys, and during the first 8 weeks, 100% of ready-to-bake proceeds will be donated to nhscharitiestogether – have you tried them yet?

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