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SALTED BROWNIE COOKIES: learn how to get that crinkle! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The moment I re…

SALTED BROWNIE COOKIES: learn how to get that crinkle!?
The moment I realised brownies could be converted into cookie form was both a blessing and a curse! These are so delicious, you’ll want to eat them all!
…I was eyeing up Mike’s crinkle cookies over on mikebakesnyc (you’re going to get lost in his gorgeous feed) and just had to give them a go – I didn’t have all the ingredients for his, so ended up with a blended recipe also using my spelt mocha brownies as a base (spelt flour version being tested soon, since I’ve nearly eaten all these!). The secret to that crinkle? WHIP your eggs for a good 5mins.
So here’s the question, brownie cookies or straight-up brownies? Tell me in the comments! ?
(makes approx. 16 cookies)

MELT (over a bain marie):
200g good dark chocolate (greenandblacks)
115g unsalted butter
– move onto the next stage whilst that melts and get your oven on.

WHIP (use the whisk attachment):
125g golden caster sugar
125g light brown sugar (tateandlylesugars)
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
– whip for a good 5 mins
– drizzle in melted chocolate/butter with mixer on low.

120g plain flour
2.5 tbsp cocoa powder (foodthoughtsuk)
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp sea salt

– fold in all dry ingredients until just combined. – line baking trays (I needed 3) with parchment and dollop on a heaped dessert spoon of mix per cookie. 6 cookies per standard tray, leave a little space to spread. Option: top with pinch of maldonsalt.
– Mike’s method of loading up all baking trays with cookie dough BUT only cooking one at a time on the top rack. If the mix sits in the bowl, it gets dull & you loose the sheen on the cookie.

OVEN: gas 4 – 11mins.
– they come out soft so cool on the tray for 10-15mins.

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  1. SO. Let me get this straight.  You accuse someone of stealing ‘your’ recipe, which you have infact taken from someone else. Its okay though, cos you altered it right? Well those alterations bring it almost identically back to the OG recipe by theboywhobakes, as that’s who mikebakesnyc altered it from if you look closely. The person you accused of stealing your recipe, also altered theboywhobakes recipe and credits him for it, as should be done. Can I ask why you’re not answering anyones messages on this issue? Cos tbh you’re basically recreating Eds recipe claiming its your own, and then spiting Sonali for seeing his recipe, altering and crediting him for it.  Have you gotten yourself in too deep? Can you not comment on your actions because you know you’re wrong? A message to Sonali just saying hello, and having a chat about this is all it’ll 5ake

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