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Russian sweets and desserts: how to treat a foreigner

Russian sweets and desserts: how to treat a foreigner


Foreigners laugh: “Do they give you a salary in condensed milk? Why do you have it in every dessert?” Well, what can I say – in Russia they really love condensed milk. And we also know how to cook delicious cakes from nothing and desserts like gingerbread or kalachi, which are stored for months. We boast delicious jams made from sour northern berries or fragrant southern fruits, dozens of honeys, candied cones and a huge variety of pies. We will tell you what desserts should surprise foreigners in Russia, what to give to foreign friends, what sweets to go to visit them. Do not be shy about your roots – no one is joking with us from evil, and our pies and jams are really praised from the bottom of their hearts.

We have written a separate article about dishes of national Russian cuisine, which should be treated to foreigners.

This Russian dessert is very surprising to foreigners, but always delights. Moreover, not all of them know well what cottage cheese is. Therefore, cheesecakes can be recommended as an independent dish. Of course, with sour cream, condensed milk, berry jelly or jam. Definitely with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. The homeland of syrniki is Ukraine, but the dish is also considered national in Russia and Belarus. Ruddy, juicy and so appetizing – you can’t do without an additive.


Russian gingerbread is not like European. Soft, crumbly, with a pleasant hard crust – they are liked by many foreigners. If you are going abroad, bring Russian gingerbread to the locals. Not necessarily “Tula”. Any will do: classic with icing, chocolate, mint, cranberry, honey, with jam or painted Arkhangelsk roes. You need to try gingerbread with tea. Preferably from a samovar, but the usual, of course, is also suitable.

Many foreigners are sure that in Russia they eat pancakes exclusively with caviar. And not on holidays, but almost every day. Pancakes have become a symbol of Russian cuisine, caviar – hospitality. However, it is worth dispelling the stereotype and offering guests a dessert look of the national dish. Russian pancakes are especially good with the following additions:

honey with berries;
ghee with oatmeal;
lingonberry jam (or any other);
condensed milk;
sweet curd.

Kalachi and bagels

Great traditional treat for tea! Kalach is soft rich bread. Appetizing fresh bun with golden crust or poppy seeds. Another kalach can be grated, as well as in the form of a weight (a symbol of Murom and an excellent gift for foreigners) or a pretzel. The last option is quite large. But in Russia, miniature dry “pretzels” have taken root more. They are baked with salt or poppy seeds. Bagels belong to the bagels. And, of course, Russian sushki: “shuttle”, “baby”, mustard, glazed, vanilla, with poppy seeds – for every taste.


A healthy Russian dessert, which is definitely worth giving to foreigners. Buy a box of “Belevskaya” or “Kolomenskaya” for them – this is a wonderful gift from Russia. The sweetness is completely natural. Most often, Russian marshmallows are made from sour apples with honey. There are other types: lingonberry, mountain ash, raspberry, currant, cranberry. Honey is sometimes substituted for sugar. Previously, marshmallow was baked in a Russian oven or dried in the sun. In Belev and Kolomna they still do it. However, it is worth treating foreigners with modern marshmallows. Sweetness is really interesting, unusual, special.

“Bird’s milk”

Cake or candy – it doesn’t matter, both options are good. First, treat foreigners to this traditional Russian dessert, and then say its name. Surprised eyes are guaranteed. Many people really wonder if it is because of him that the filling tastes so unusual. However, who among us in childhood did not think about the same thing? Today Ptichye Moloko sweets are prepared all over Russia. The box is traditionally decorated with an image of a bird. This is even more confusing for foreigners. In short, a great hotel!


Not even all modern schoolchildren know what a cheesecake is. What can we say about foreign citizens. Be sure to treat them to this traditional Russian dessert. These lush soft cakes with an open filling will not leave anyone indifferent. Cheesecake with cottage cheese and raisins is considered a classic. However, baking with potatoes, jam or jam is no less delightful. Cheesecakes are good for warm tea, and if they are cold – for fruit drink.

Sweet pies

Big open pies or neat granny stuffed pies? All options are good. Pot-bellied buns with apple jam, northern shangas with oatmeal, Karelian kalitki with wild berries, southern baskets with cherries, sucniki with cottage cheese, manniks, kulebyaki with lingonberries, pies with currants … You can name at least a hundred options. Feel free to treat foreigners with any Russian desserts. Pies have always been a symbol of hospitality. They are really appreciated. And if, for example, guests from abroad sometimes make fun of our salads, they really admire the pies.


You probably shouldn’t give fudge to every foreigner. But to treat her close friends, perhaps, is worth it. You will watch with interest the reaction. Europeans and Americans are often surprised how Russian people eat such sweet desserts (they have not yet seen how they drank condensed milk from cans in the USSR!). Fudge is made from milk and molasses. It can be a candy or icing for other desserts. The most popular types of sweets:

creamy with candied fruit and creme brulee;
sherbet with nuts;

Be sure to treat foreigners with the Anthill cake. Golden shortbread dough, deep-fried, delicate cream based on boiled condensed milk, crunchy nuts, grated chocolate. Of course, the cake was not invented from a good life. Yes, and there is no benefit in it. Similar cakes like to cook in Austria, Slovenia, Germany, America, Finland. Feel free to treat foreigners to our “Anthill” – dessert always goes with a bang.

Of the other cakes, three more can be offered:

Napoleon (in the Russian version – “Stepka-Rashrepka”).
Count’s ruins.
Red Moscow.
And don’t forget the chak-chak. Yes, not exactly a cake, but still foreigners perceive it as such. Any of the desserts can be a great gift. If you are going to visit a foreigner, grab a Russian cake for tea – you won’t go wrong!

If you are going to another country or expecting guests, read the article with gift ideas from Russia. No earflaps and bears with balalaikas – only the best.

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