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Papaya can cause harm to these people instead of benefit

Harmful Effects of Papaya: Papaya is a fruit rich in nutrients. Various types of antioxidants are found in it, so it is also considered as a superfood. Papaya is rich in nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, magnesium. Due to the presence of various antioxidants, it prevents the formation of free radicals in the body, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.
Along with this, eating papaya also reduces weight. Heart in papaya It also has the capacity to strengthen. Generally, papaya is considered to be better for the digestive system, but in such cases, papaya can also have the opposite effect.
Papaya may have adverse effects on people who have digestive problems. Also, excessive consumption of papaya during pregnancy can cause harm. And some people are allergic to papaya. Therefore, papaya should not be consumed under these conditions.

1. Hypodiabetics

People whose blood sugar is below normal should not eat papaya because papaya increases insulin, which causes blood sugar to drop too low. Therefore, diabetic patients should not consume papaya without doctor’s advice.

2. Harm with medicine

Papaya should not be eaten with some medicines because the substance present in it reacts in the body and makes the blood thinner. In this condition, the body can bleed easily. In such a case papaya should not be consumed with any medicine.

3. During pregnancy

Raw papaya contains a lot of latex which can increase contractions in the uterine wall. The papa in in papaya damages cell membranes in the body. Cell membranes are very important for the development of the growing baby in the fetus. This is the reason why pregnant women are advised not to eat raw papaya.

4. Allergies

Some people may be allergic to papaya. Due to this, the problem of skin swelling, dizziness, headache, rash etc. may occur. So if you feel nauseous or dizzy after eating papaya then do not eat papaya. However, this is not the case with everyone.

5. Digestive problems 

Generally, papaya is considered very good for digestion, but papaya contains a lot of fiber. It relieves the problem of constipation, but it can also upset the digestive system of people who already have digestive problems. The latex present in papaya can also cause stomach pain. It can also cause diarrhea. So papaya should be consumed in small quantity.

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