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Indian cuisine – top dishes with recipes


1. Curry

Curry is a mixture of spices or a thick liquid dish of stewed vegetables and meat with spices. We usually call curry a spicy dish prepared with seasonings and sauce, and we serve it most often with rice.

To prepare chicken curry, in a blender, prepare a sauce of onion, garlic, tomato paste, bell pepper, coconut milk and a mixture of curry spices.

Indian food

Indians are the first people to honor traditional concepts that involve a philosophical attitude to eating food.

The ancient Vedas divided cooked food into three groups: goodness, passion, ignorance. Many people think that Indian cuisine is characterized by exceptionally spicy dishes (they are exactly what passion is), but in fact, preference is given to goodness – when everything is in moderation.

The territory of the country is huge, and the cuisine of India is the quintessence of recipes and traditions from all regions.  A variety of spices are added – from the types of pepper familiar to us to the exotic asafetida or fenugreek resin. Legumes and plenty of vegetables are traditionally used.

The rest of the world also owes the emergence of vegetarianism to India, where it is associated with religious beliefs. Therefore, lovers of such cuisine will find a lot of interesting things for themselves in recipes where meat is not used or is replaced with minced beans and nuts.

However, in the northern provinces, pork and chicken meat dishes are popular. The main food is pork with rice. Butter is especially treated here, its abundance in a dish is a sign of prosperity and well-being. The South became famous for its world-famous curry. A lot of vegetables are consumed here, rice is a must, coconut is often used. On the coast – of course, fish and seafood, of any kind and method of preparation. You can not ignore the Bombay duck, Bengal sweets.

2. Indian flatbread

In India, naan cakes are served instead of bread, and other cakes are also baked – puddle, kachori – with legumes or vegetables.  Tortillas may well become an independent dish, especially if served with sauce.

As noted earlier, the national Indian cuisine is very diverse, and it is almost impossible to cover all the dishes worthy of the attention of tourists. We decided to simplify the task and prepared a review of the best 15 national dishes of Indian cuisine.


There is documentary evidence that curry, an Indian dish, was first prepared several thousand years ago. This is the name of not only a popular seasoning, but also a national dish. It is prepared from legumes, vegetables, sometimes meat is added and, of course, a whole bunch of spices. In the finished treat, there can be up to two dozen seasonings. The finished dish is served with rice.

There is no single recipe for making curry, the technology differs depending on the region of India, as well as culinary preferences in a single family. It is noteworthy that curry is an Indian dish, but it has become known in many countries of the world. Today there is Thai and Japanese curry, it is also prepared in Britain. In India, the dish can be spicy or sweet and sour.

Soup gave

A typical example of a combination of vegetables, legumes (peas), rice, curry in one Indian dish is dal. Soup is a must for an Indian lunch, it includes legumes or peas, eaten with rice, bread cake.

Indian soup is called not just a national dish, but a folk one, since it is necessarily prepared without exaggeration in every family. Serve the first course, both hot and cold. The locals claim that there are so many methods of making the soup that it is easy to make it all year round without repeating it.

Main ingredients: onions, garlic, tomatoes, a set of spices, yogurt. The dish is boiled, baked, stewed and even fried. Depending on the set of products, the method of preparation, the treat is served for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

Malay jacket

Another well-known national Indian dish is fried small balls of potatoes and paneer cheese. Also add herbs, spices, nuts.

The name means meatballs (kofta) in cream sauce (mallei).

Locals call the dish capricious because it requires careful handling. If you cook it without proper delicacy, the mallei kofta will turn out tasteless. By the way, even in India, it is not prepared successfully everywhere. As a result, tourists do not pay worthy attention to the treat. If a true master takes up the preparation, you will be captivated by the delicate taste of vegetable balls in the sauce.

Palak Pamir

The list of the most famous Indian dishes includes spinach and cheese soup, spices and vegetables are also added. Actually, in translation, Palak means spinach, and paneer is a kind of soft cheese similar to Adyghe. Indian dish is delicate, with a pleasant creamy taste. Served with rice, bread cakes.


To make it clearer, the finished national dish can be called Indian pilaf.  It is prepared using this technology – basmati rice is fried with the addition of ghee, vegetables, and seasonings. It is noteworthy that each region has its own composition of spices, cooking algorithm, most often they use saffron, zika, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves.


The name of an Indian street dish combines vegetables, cheese and batter-fried meat. There is an analogue in Slavic cuisine, but the only difference is that in India, instead of wheat flour, pea flour is used – they grind chickpeas (hummus beans). As a result, the crust is tender, crispy, and the dish acquires additional nutritional value, because the beans contain a lot of protein.

The most common pakora is made from vegetables, they use a different base – pumpkin, sweet potato, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, potatoes. The finished dish is served with a seasoning of apples or tomatoes.

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