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Food in Goa: what dishes are worth trying

Goa’s cuisine was largely influenced by two factors: the location of the state on the coast and the long dominance of the Portuguese in the region. Especially popular Goa dishes to try when visiting this corner of India are the famous fish curry with white rice, roti and chapatis. Shrimp are also very popular in this region, especially with tourists.

What to eat in Goa

The food in Goa is very varied. In fact, if you live in Calangute, Bag or some other popular tourist area, you can taste almost all national dishes in Goa, as well as many popular dishes from different world cuisines. If you come to Goa for a few days, then your eyes will start to run up from the abundance of various delicious dishes. One of your first questions here will be what to try in Goa. During a short rest, it is unrealistic to even taste all the dishes of Guan cuisine, let alone all the other dishes. Below we will tell you about typical food in Goa for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast in Goa

A typical Guan breakfast usually includes bhaji pao, a plate of spicy vegetable stews flavored with coconut, served with a bun (pao). South Indian masala dose is usually served with breakfast in Indian cafes.  Alternatively, you can taste Samos or yam-vatu (spicy fried potato balls) for breakfast, which are even served at street stalls.
Since a large number of foreign tourists come to Goa, it is not surprising that more familiar set breakfasts are served in many restaurants and cafes on the beaches. That is, you can easily find omelets with various fillings, muesli with fresh fruit and cottage cheese, and Israeli breakfasts with salad, hummus and lavish in Goa. Indian breakfasts are also often offered in restaurants and cafes in Goa and consist of cottage cheese with paratha (stuffed flatbread).

Lunch and dinner in Goa

What to eat in Goa for lunch and dinner? The choice, in fact, is very large. Traditional Guan fish curry flavored with coconut, served with white rice, fresh fish and pickled sauce. Pork in Goa (unlike most other places in India) is cooked in a spicy stew, although there is of course fried and stuffed pork. The beef on the menu is offered mainly in the form of steaks or patties flavored with chili and fresh herbs.
Vegetarian food in Goa is very widespread and one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in this state of India is the vegetable Guan stew, which is usually flavored with coconut and herbs
The choice of seafood in Goa cuisine is very extensive and includes pomfret, shark, sardines, barramundi and perch, fried or baked in tandoor. Tiger prawns and lobsters are usually steamed or boiled.
In the tourist areas of Goa, you can easily find food from any famous cuisine in the world. Along with Guan dishes, there are also Chinese, Thai and Russian dishes. Steaks, chips, pizzas, pastas, burgers, sandwiches – you can easily find all this on any popular beach in Goa. Italian and German restaurants are especially popular with Western tourists, while Russian tourists often prefer local cafes and seafood restaurants.

What to try in Goa from food

Goa’s national dishes should be first on the list of food to try when visiting this popular state in India. And the point is not only that this is really delicious food, but also that without getting to know the national dishes of Goa, it is impossible to fully understand the culture of the region.
What dishes to try in Goa? Below we present 10 of the most dishes you should try first.
1. Guan fish curry. The dish that is the most famous in Goa. It is a dish of fresh fish or shrimp, flavored with red chili and coconut and is usually served with “fluffy” rice.

2. Cereal. Portuguese style fried chicken with spicy green peppers, peppers, garlic and ginger.
3. Makuuchi. A popular dish that usually includes chicken, shrimp, or vegetables cooked along with coconut, red chili, poppy seeds, and spices.
4. Orlay shrimp with coriander.
5. Wada Fritters. These traditional South Indian breakfast pancakes are perfect for a tasty start to the day.
6. Kadin. Delicious dish made from soft yellow Guan fish or other seafood.
7. Guan sausages. These are chorizo ​​sausages with Guan spices.
8. Vindaloo. Traditional Guan pork vindaloo is soft and sweet and sour. It is usually served in Goa at Christmas, New Years and Easter. But today, pork is more common with red chili, ginger, garlic and other spices in vinegar.
9. Fish Tale. A popular lunchtime dish with fish or shrimp, rice, vegetables and shellfish.
10. Bobbinets. Traditional layered cake made from coconut milk, sugar and egg yolks.

Some of the drinks are traditional, but you will always find something new.  Although imported alcoholic drinks are relatively expensive here (but not more expensive than in Russia), there are many local drinks to try.

Sweets in Goa

If you are a lover of sweets, then Goa has a lot to offer you. Below we present some sweets in Goa that are worth trying while on holiday in this part of India.
In Goa he is known as Nereus and Maharashtra as Karaj. Ravi Here – a creamy mixture of milk, dry fruits and Soji (semolina).
Badami Halwa – a delicious Indian dessert made from almonds. Gudiya Chocolate – Sweet Maida or flour dumplings filled with a delicious blend of hora and dry fruits. Shahi Tuukka – fried slices of bread soaked in milk and then garnished with nuts.
Mohanthal is a delicious cake with lots of dried fruits.

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