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Food in Bangkok

The Kingdom of Thailand is famous not only for its stunning nature and magnificent beaches, but also for its incredibly delicious food. It is here that you will find fine restaurants, cutting-edge bistros and street food markets that will give you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Bangkok street food

The colorful streets of Bangkok amaze with a variety of colors and smells. The best dishes in Thailand are prepared in the most ordinary open-air eateries and on mobile carts. Right from the stall you can try delicious shrimp pad Thai, spicy sum tam papaya salad, spring rolls and fried khao pad rice. No wonder so many travelers fly into Bangkok from other parts of the world just for the local street food!

Best Bangkok street food spots

Bangkok is a gigantic metropolis that impresses with an incredible amount of people and… food. Tourists will find in Bangkok not only classic and well-known samples of Thai cuisine all over the world, but also unusual dishes that can only be tasted here.

At almost every step, especially near railway stations and universities, you can taste delicious street food. But for the best street food, we advise you to go to Chinatown, to the Ratchawat and Nangloeng markets, to the Bangura area and around the Victory Monument.

Yaowarat Street is the core of Bangkok’s Chinatown. Here you can taste the most authentic dishes of the local cuisine: crispy oyster and mussel omelet, Chinese noodle soup, wonton noodle soup, and a variety of seafood. Yaowarat is considered the best place to experience Bangkok’s street food – don’t miss it!

A tried and true way of tasting food in Chinatown is to walk around with short stops near food carts. Do not buy large portions so as not to fill up too quickly – this is the kind of pleasure that is best spread out. Don’t miss dim sum eateries and sweet ice cream desserts.

Bangkok’s oldest markets, Ratchet and Siyan, are very popular with locals and come alive at night. Head here for dinner after dark and you won’t be disappointed. Ratchet Market is the perfect place to sample delicious Kobe beef and noodle soup, as well as roast duck. Nearby (just a few minutes walk) is another market – Siyan. Curry lovers come here – here this dish is served with noodles. Fish balls with an unusual taste are also prepared with curry: you can try them on small stalls throughout the market.


Wander around the Bangura area and enjoy the aroma of delicious Chinese dumplings steamed with fried garlic. This is a place where street eateries are found on every corner, and each of them offers a variety of but equally mouth-watering dishes, including vegetarian ones.

In addition, here you can try Thai sweets, buy fresh fish and seafood. To experience Bangrak’s street food, take the Skytrain to BTS Sala Daeng Station and walk along Silom Road to an alley lined with stalls – impossible to miss!

Nangloeng Market

Nangloeng is a long-lived market. Lively trade is conducted here in ancient wooden pavilions, through which several generations of merchants and their buyers have passed. In the center of the market is a large food court, which is especially crowded during lunch hours, when it is flooded with clerks from nearby offices. Taste savory rice and curry dishes and don’t miss the sweet treat stalls. They are incredible here!

Thai dishes you must try

There are so many delicious street foods in Bangkok that it’s not an easy task to start compiling a list of dishes that you must try during a short trip. And yet we tried. Roti, pancakes, delicious noodles, seafood and fried pork – all these are the best examples of Thai fast food that are waiting for you literally on every corner in the capital of Thailand!

Roti with banana

Do you love sweets? Then you should definitely try Roti Gluey – amazing Thai pancakes with banana and condensed milk, Nutella, coconut, nuts and a fried egg. Having tried them once, you are unlikely to forget them. Start your Thai street food experience with fried banana roti!


The stalls selling thin crispy pancakes with sweet fillings are never empty of buyers. And you don’t pass by! This delicious delicacy is a favorite quick snack for the ever-hurrying Bangkokers. The most delicious pancakes are prepared near the Sukhumvit MRT station. Real jam!

pad Thai

Perhaps this is the most famous Thai noodle dish. Pad Thai is made from rice noodles, vegetables, and a sauce with many different ingredients such as shrimp, eggs, peanuts, or tofu. Don’t leave Thailand without trying a plate of pad Thai, the country’s culinary heritage.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls are as ubiquitous in Bangkok as Pad Thai. They can be ordered at any restaurant or street food stall. Traditionally, Thai spring rolls are filled with glass noodles, minced pork and vegetables, but a vegetarian version without meat is also common. Every tourist should definitely try spring rolls in Bangkok – including you!

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