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I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell you about the most delicious or disappointing restaurants, cafes and eateries in Delhi. Yes, I really like to eat (perhaps more than the taste of food, I only love architecture), and I also like to drink (that’s the problem here) and chat.

The above (except for alcohol) makes me related to the Indians – they are very sensitive to food, namely to taste; décor and service are secondary matters, but taste is number 1. In Delhi, it is quite possible to open a small eatery with a table for 3-4 in the city wall on an earthen floor, cook on a gas burner right on the street, you can hire dumb, blind, armless, but if it tastes good, generations will come to you. I’m not a snob at all, I can sit on the curb and eat the most delicious samosa in the area).

So, let’s figure out what we call Indian cuisine? There is no single Indian cuisine, there is Punjabi (a lot of meat, mushrooms, cheese, potatoes with fillings – almost everything is baked in clay pots or foil + do not forget about the most incredible kulfi ice cream, it is also from there) in my opinion the most delicious food on the continent) , there is North Indian (meat, an incredible amount of butter, rice, dal (bean soup), Tibetan (all memo from there, plus fatty soups, butter tea).

Mughal (meat with meat and all marinated in yogurt and baked in the tandoor – very mild. There is not only chicken, but also lamb, and lamb, goat meat and, possibly, fish), South Indian (dose and everything that is served on banana leaves, a lot of coconut and ginger sauce), Guan ( fish, shrimp, some delicious green sauce, a lot of coconut and decent bread) + it is clear that everything that is sold on the street (fried noodles, rice, dumplings, chili potatoes, etc.) is predominantly Chinese cuisine (except pane pure – crispy balls in which the finger is made m hole and the sauce pours in). So.

I will tell you about the most delicious places, regardless of the price level and location (so get ready to try something on the street under the bridge)). Oh, yes, and of course, I will not only talk about Indian establishments) Reminder: in Indian establishments, service is always included in the bill, while in others you need to carefully study the receipt and understand whether it is worth leaving a tip.
It is best to start your acquaintance with food in India at the Aroma Spice restaurant (Karol Bagh metro station, among the hotels)

This is a modest restaurant (but if you plan to stop by in the evening, it’s better to book a table), where the phrase “don’t be spicy” is normally understood. Take cold tea with lemon, tomato soup, cheese-garlic tortilla, green salad (attention, these are just sliced ​​​​carrots, cucumber, tomato, beets and onions, lemon is on top for dressing) and teak chicken.

I really love this place for the view (the teeming market street) and for the mix of European food and local food. If you are not tired of Indian food – take potatoes with spinach, biryani, butter chicken (chicken in a thick sauce), if you miss European food – take creamy mushroom or tomato paste, chicken steak with fries or a vegetarian burger.

Pros: beautiful toilet separate from the hall, so you can visit without going to the restaurant, but few people use it; you can come with a suitcase or a backpack, everyone in the area is used to it, good coffee (especially mocha, which the locals call “piss”), the ability to sit as long as you like and an abundance of sockets – charge your phone, camera, and book. Cons: they smoke on the balcony (and, alas, I like to sit on the balcony), prices have increased significantly over the year, but the service has fallen – you have to wait for your order for at least 30 minutes.

There is a pleasant atmosphere, there are decent cocktails (and it seems even sangria), but the best of all is a simple set of a bottle of Kingfisher or Budweiser and teak chicken (the portion is small, but it melts in your mouth straight away), they bring it quickly)) It’s good to meet friends here watch European football and just drinking beer.

If you are already at the bazaar, then there is an option to join the secrets of Korean cuisine. I met her in Nepal, and love flares up with frantic force (although in Pokhara, for obvious reasons, the price tag is much lower). So, there are 2 ways: simple and difficult. Simple: on the main street of the main bazaar there is an institution with a strange for the Korean language dhanyavad (in Hindi it means “thank you”).

we celebrated Catholic Christmas here, right after gatherings at the grave of the Sufi saint Auliya Nizamuddin (nda, we had such an eclectic Christmas) ). You have to go up to the 2nd floor, there is an absolutely empty hall, on the wall there is a giant photo of a Korean traditional house or temple and a panoramic window. Of course we chose the window.

The beauty of Korean and Chinese cuisine is pork! Planed, a little – but pork)) well, and all sorts of cool spicy things, which, like kimchi, often come as a compliment from the establishment. Vegetarian sushi in a thick thick sauce (hello to all Russian establishments with black water as soy sauce). When they brought tea (normal black tea, perhaps even with lemon) in large glasses (and this is rare here, everyone drinks milk tea from nappers), there was a feeling that we were completely at home in Moscow or Minsk).
The most unusual Christmas dinner in my life #Korean food

Option 2 is more difficult, but more budgetary, more authentic and with diluted vodka. In some so scary nooks and crannies of the bazaar, it’s like a quest – you are looking for signs to the Shim Tur establishment (so that you appreciate the epicenes and horrors of the gates: my Indian companion asked me every 5 minutes if I was really going to eat in such locations), I found a place on the 3rd attempt: somehow it didn’t occur to me to go through other people’s houses, then I had to go through the toilets of the Korean hostel, on the 3rd floor – to get to the kitchen of this institution, and only then to the dining room. By the way, the kitchen is perfectly clean, you can perform brain operations there)

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