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CHOCOLATE CHIP BANANA BREAD BLONDIES: Bored of banana bread? Make these instead….

Bored of banana bread? Make these instead. They’re super easy and super delicious; a kind of banana bread blondie/brownie mash-up all in one. They’re also the kind that taste even better the day after baking…if you can wait that long! Recipe below – let me know if you make these beauties ?
(Fills a standard square brownie pan)
– pre-heat oven to gas 4
3 medium eggs
Pinch salt
– whip together until voluminous (couple mins on high). Pop to one side in a separate bowl.

180g cooking butter
130g caster sugar (ideally golden)
130g muscovado sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
– using your mixer, cream together until smooth

3-4 medium ripe (black) bananas
– mash these up and fold into the creamed sugar and butter

200g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
– mix the flour, baking powder and whipped eggs into the banana sugar and butter, alternating as you go.

250g chocolate chips (I used milk and dark)
– fold in most of the chocolate chips then add the batter to a parchment-lined brownie pan. Sprinkle over the remaining choc chips.
– Oven: gas 4 for approx. 50mins (I checked from about 40mins) until golden all over and a bamboo stick comes out clean. Cool and slice!

Kitchen note: the first time I made these, I added a little too much butter so had to cool these on some paper towels to soak up a little of the excess (still delicious nonetheless). However, I have reduced the fat content in this recipe by 10g.

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