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It was influenced by many cultures from Central Asia to Europe, from Africa to Arabia.  No matter how difficult it is to list the best Turkish dishes, here is our list of the top 25 Turkish dishes with photos. In the article you will find out what these dishes are and what they are prepared from and what they are called in Turkish.

Apart from Turkey, this tripe Ishkembe soup is a common dish in the Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece and Eastern Europe. Cooked minced cow meat soup served in terrible sauce and garlic-vinegar sauce.  So, this minced meat soup definitely deserves to be on the “best Turkish dishes” list.

So imagine how delicious red lentil soup breakfast can be.

Bey ran soup or Berna cobras’ is a traditional Turkish soup from the city of Gaziantep, where it is served for breakfast. It consists of small pieces of young lamb meat and is served with rice.  This soup is known for its spiciness, which makes it a rather unusual start to the day if you have this soup for breakfast.

However, the result is worth it. The main ingredient of this tarhana soup is a flour-like powder. The mixture of tarhana includes grain, milk, boiled vegetables and spices. In Turkey, housewives prepare this powder in the fall, so that if necessary, soup can be made from it. This soup is easy to make. Tarhana powder is mixed with water and voila, the soup is ready.

Kokorech is prepared from mutton intestines fried on a spit.


Fish sandwich (balk eke) is a fairly simple and delicious dish. Bali eke contains fried white fish, raw onions, lettuce and tomatoes in half a loaf of white bread. So this is an absolute Istanbul classic and the most common street snack.

And it really tastes great in Turkey. The dish is popular in home and street Turkish cuisine.

Stuffed mussels are sold at any time of the day and are usually eaten with freshly squeezed lemon juice to keep the mussels and rice from drying out, and the spices go great with the lemon flavor.

Pieces of crispy fresh bread can be used to scoop the mixture with your fingers. So, if you are going to the Black Sea region of Turkey, then this dish is worth a try.

Sub borage (translated as “juicy cake”) is a type of Turkish bore (pie) that has a reputation for being one of the most difficult bore to make. The best Turkish dishes cannot be imagined without Turkish pastries.

This pie is traditionally topped with cheese and parsley.  So, you can find Sub borage in most cafes and bakeries throughout Turkey.

Menomin is scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers that are thoroughly mixed in saran. The prepared dish is sprinkled with red pepper flake seasoning and served with bread.

Meatballs stuffed with sprouted wheat. Its original name in Turkish Cilia Kofta is a highly preferred and delicious traditional Arabic and Turkish food.  Therefore, this is a feature of these regions.

It is one of the special and delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. Stew with vegetables and meat contains potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and, of course, meat. Basically, this dish is baked in jugs. If you are going to have dinner, we advise you to choose this dish. It is very satisfying and tasty, and its portion is quite large.

This is traditional Turkish food. Its preparation and taste are reminiscent of ravioli, a fairly well-known Italian food. Cooking manta is a little tricky. They need to be made in very small sizes, which among Turkish hostesses is considered simply the highest class. And manta are served with garlic sauce and salchow (tomato sauce) with spices.

Dolma is a pepper stuffed with rice and in Turkish it is called Bibber Delmas – this is one of the pinnacles of Turkish cuisine, which originates from the Sultan’s table. This uncomplicated dish is cooked without meat in a way different from many other countries. This dish is suitable for vegetarians.

This impressive dish is a legacy of the cuisines of the Ottoman Palace. And one more imperial requirement of ingenuity in relation to everyone’s favorite eggplant. You will surely find this dish wherever you go in Turkey! Although traditionally made with lamb, there are other ways. You can also cook it with ground beef or try the vegetarian option. Just replace the meat with your favorite vegetable (mushrooms, chickpeas work very well), sprinkle grated cheese on top and bake.

Taps-kebab is a combination of special stew with pilaf. This is another favorite dish of the locals. If you ask someone in Turkey about their favorite type of kebab, most of them will mention this one. This juicy variety of kebab is also included in our list of the best Turkish dishes.

Its excellent taste and tenderness begin with the liver itself. However, only young, very fresh calf or lamb liver can be used. So you can experience fresh taste.

Here’s another traditional flavor that makes it onto our list of the best Turkish dishes. Homemade Turkish cutlets, known as kofta, are the best thing to eat at dinner in Turkey. So, they are spicy, tender and completely juicy. It is no longer a secret to anyone that at home they cook meatballs much tastier than store-bought ones, but there are a large number of restaurants where you can even cook meatballs yourself.

I must say, there are many delicious bean dishes in Turkey, but this is one of my favorites! “Kuru Faculae” is translated as “dry beans”, but if you ask Kuru Faculae, they cook it only with white beans. In fact, this dish is boiled beans in tomato sauce, served with rice. A fairly simple dish, but it is very much loved in this country.

Initially, there are several types of pied. The most popular is kamala pied – a Turkish flatbread with minced meat and vegetable filling, most often referred to as fast food dishes. Pride is served with a cold appetizer pizazz or Chobani salad – shepherd’s salad.

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