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In the morning, you are brought a set of 11 dishes, each of which can be presented in a good restaurant: molecular tangerine, paella with mini octopus, shrimp and mussels, as well as marlin steak in white wine. Questions are raised only by the recipe of the dishes – how the “Two Chocolates” dessert became low-calorie, even the owners of Performance could not answer. They also own Level Kitchen budget shipping and M-Foods food rations.

One of the company’s nutritionists will contact you before you can order a ration. If the main goal is to cleanse the body after the May holidays or raves, they will suggest testing detox programs with cold-pressed juices, chia seed snacks, and spinach and pumpkin soups. Solo (formerly “The Royal Diet”) is directed by Margarita Karolina, Valeria’s nutritionist, who helped the artist’s biological clock to really “laugh tick-tock”.

While this is one of the tastiest deliveries on the market (and practical: each container has a personal lid, so salads can be seasoned and mixed by simply shaking the tray), its service is still in the Stone Age. During the week, Good Food managed to bring food at six in the morning instead of the promised nine, deliver the missing rotten ration and confuse the contents of the containers with food several times. When asked to add more protein to the meal, the service department agreed, but the next day, instead of 120 grams of protein per day, a maximum of 100 was expected.

If you do not know under what pretext to invite a girl to your place, rely on this delivery. The Prime daily rations include: smoked chicken frittata, coffee banana smoothie, turkey fillet with curry sauce, mint and black currant detox juice, Bolognese lasagna, and stewed pear salad with gorgonzola cheese. A romantic evening can only be spoiled by a courier who arrived later than promised – this is often the case with Gym Meal employees.

The diets that are delivered every day include balanced, lean, low-carb, and vegetarian. The ideologist of the project, Kristina Vorobyova, hopes to make the sets as diverse as possible, but so far they are inferior even to the VkusVill assortment. Trays full of bulgur and pearl barley alternate from time to time with tom yam on brown (and cheese) rice and pho soup. If you are used to the fact that diet is healthy, but not always tasty, these diets will not disappoint you.

To look like the founder of the company – chalky bodybuilder Andrey Skoromny, you will start breakfast with high-protein scrambled eggs, pancakes for lunch (sometimes they are repeated for an afternoon snack), and buckwheat and turkey cutlets will get bored pretty soon. However, the company promises to end the monotony this spring. So far, there are few pleasant bonuses in the MFK diet – except perhaps raspberry jam for cheese cakes and thick forest berry smoothie.

GrowFood offers diets to help you lose weight, keep fit and gain weight. The main advantages of the service are delivery and its own application. Once every two days, a courier calls you and finds out the convenient time for delivery. In addition, on your smartphone, you can see the entire meal plan for the week, which dish you need to eat next and how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you consumed. With the main item – food – everything is somewhat worse. She is rather mediocre in GrowFood – every meal, bypassing hedonistic feelings, turns into a mechanical process. Unfortunately, judging by the ads on Instagram, YouTube and VKontakte, the company continues to spend the lion’s share of its profits exclusively on marketing.

Households looked sideways with envy when, every three days, I met a courier at the door with a bulky package with numbered food trays. My days began with an Australian banana pie, then with a frittata with smoked turkey and beans, and ended with Verona, Munich and Greek salads. Only occasionally did these gastronomic trips through all sorts of barley cereals, orzo pasta and even ptilina lead me to my native “crumbly Greek”, which only added a piquancy to the menu.

The first is the absence of the first (for some reason, there are no soups on the menu). The second is the abundance of plastic (in addition to the food trays themselves, there are a bunch of plastic forks, knives and spoons in the bags). The third is the meal schedule that the supplier suggests: breakfast, for example, left me hungry until I started eating it right away with my second breakfast.

Finally, the fourth – for my family life, the very idea of ​​such a meal is not suitable, because at a common home table, I looked strange with my separate dishes. However, for those who do not cook at home, Level Kitchen can be safely advised.

Captivates with a variety of menu options and almost home cooking. However, not in every house there is a person who has been trained at the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school at the stove. What exactly he will serve you, you can discuss with the nutritionist of the service and get an individual diet. As a result, with Ideal Day, even losing weight is not sad, not to mention the fact that it is easy to maintain or (and this is the most pleasant thing) to gain weight.

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