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Baking & Cooking Without Oil (How-To Guide)

For those who are not very strictly fasting, it is allowed to cook dishes with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Many people worry that they will have to eat tasteless dishes, but this is not entirely true, because today there are simply a huge number of easy-to-prepare lean recipes that do not require the addition of vegetable oil. Such lean meals without oil turn out to be quite satisfying and at the same time, dietary, thanks to which, by adhering to the fast, you can also get rid of a couple of extra pounds.

buckwheat with mushrooms in a pot Buckwheat with mushrooms cooked in a pot

Cooking in pots is not only very convenient, but also delicious, because such dishes will stay hot much longer, which is convenient if relatives do not have time to arrive on time for dinner. It will be enough just to leave the pots in the oven turned off. Incredibly tasty, tender, satisfying and fragrant buckwheat with carrots, mushrooms and fried onions is obtained. This is just the perfect dish for those who strictly adhere to the fast, as it does not require the use of vegetable oil.


First, we prepare the champignons – wash the mushrooms thoroughly and cut into small plates.

We put a frying pan on the stove, warm it up well, lightly fry the carrots, onions and mushrooms. You don’t need to add oil, as the mushrooms will quickly release the juice, but you need to be careful so that the onion does not burn.

buckwheat in a pot While the vegetables are fried, we are preparing buckwheat. Rinse the buckwheat thoroughly with cold water several times until there is perfectly clean water.

As soon as the vegetables are ready (it takes about 10 minutes to fry them), mix them with washed buckwheat, lightly season with salt and arrange in prepared pots, while pouring out all the juice that the mushrooms let out. And then pour plain water into pots, since buckwheat with vegetables should be completely covered with liquid.

We place the pots in an oven preheated to 180 degrees and leave for exactly one hour.

The amount of ingredients is designed for two servings, so if guests are expected for dinner, you should keep this in mind.

Lean vegetables cooked in pots

During Great Lent, it is allowed to consume vegetable oil only on weekends, and on other days only lenten dishes without oil. On weekdays, you can cook very tasty, tender and satisfying vegetables in pots without adding oil.

4 tbsp. l. tomato paste,
1 large onion
1 large carrot
4 small tomatoes
1 bell pepper (preferably use red pepper)
1 small zucchini
garlic cloves, bay leaf and salt – a little, to taste.

Preparation: stewed vegetables

First, we take the zucchini and peel the peel, as it will give bitterness, after which we cut the zucchini into half rings. We cut the carrots and tomatoes into not very large cubes, cut the onion into half rings.

Next, take the salted vegetables and transfer them to pre-prepared pots. This amount of vegetables can be divided into two not very large pots or cooked in one large one, here it will be convenient for anyone.

Now we pour the vegetables with diluted tomato paste – it is important to make sure that in the pots the water almost completely covers all the vegetables, and only a small top remains above the water.

Now again lightly salt the vegetables, mix everything well and place the pots in the oven preheated to 180 degrees. If the dish is cooked in two small pots, then the cooking time will be about an hour, and if in one large pot, then two hours.

About 15 minutes before the end of cooking, a bay leaf is added to the vegetables in the pots, and as soon as the dish is ready, squeeze the garlic (literally one clove) to the vegetables.

Salad with apple, pumpkin and walnuts

Even in fasting, you can cook a delicious dietary salad, rich in valuable vitamins, which are so necessary for the body during this period. The salad prepared according to this recipe turns out to be incredibly tasty, tender, juicy and appetizing, therefore it is ideal not only for fasting people, but also for those who regularly follow various diets, as it contains practically no calories.

1 handful of walnuts,
1 st. l. honey (less or a little more)
1 lemon
4 sweet apples
500 g raw pumpkin.

salad with apple and walnuts

First, we prepare the pumpkin – peel the peel, and then grind the pulp on a coarse grater. We take an apple, wash it, clean it, remove the core, three on a coarse grater. Then we take the walnuts and cut them (you can grind the nuts in a mortar), but not too finely.

In a separate container, mix apples, pumpkin pulp, nuts, add the juice of one lemon and slightly sweeten with liquid honey (the amount of honey depends on your own taste preferences, you can not add it at all if you wish). Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, then transfer to a salad bowl, and you can serve.

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