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Australian food. What to try?


One of the most unique things about Australia is the variety of foods. On the one hand, Australian cuisine has quickly adopted traditional British dishes such as English breakfast, Sunday lunch and fish and chips.

On the other hand, the proximity to China, Japan and proximity to Thailand could not but affect the Australian cuisine. In addition, the blood of the French, Greeks and Italians flows in Australians, which also affects local dishes.

typical Australian food

Such food is commonly referred to as ‘bushfood’. It was eaten by the indigenous people of Australia before the arrival of settlers in 1788. Prior to their arrival, Indigenous Australians ate berries and fruits, as well as kangaroo and emu meat. Now traditional Australian dishes can be found in some restaurants, but they are not very popular.

Modern Australian cuisine

European influences are indeed noticeable on the continent. Today, Celtic recipes and cooking methods are widely used in Australia.

A few years ago, the government was concerned that the number of overweight people in the country was increasing every year. Therefore, today in Australia they promote a healthy diet with low salt content.

Another factor influencing modern Australian cuisine has been immigration. The Vietnamese, Thais, Chinese and Japanese have significantly transformed traditional Australian dishes. Therefore, modern cuisine is such a mix of various culinary masterpieces.

outdoor food

Australians love to eat outdoors and barbecue. Don’t forget to try sleeper fish, barracuda and whitebait. In fact, there are 6,000 species of marine mammals in the ocean surrounding Australia.


Winemaking is quite developed in Australia. The country is the fourth largest wine exporter after Italy, Spain and France. Every year, the treasury of the Australian state receives $ 5.5 billion from the sale of wine. Rum, beer and other alcoholic drinks are also popular in the country. By the way, rum in the 19th century replaced money. In short, if you are a connoisseur of alcohol, you will do very well in Australia.

However, if you are not a big fan of wine and beer, Vittoria coffee is grown in Australia. By the way, it was the Australians who invented “Flat White” – latte without foam.


It is believed that the famous Pavlova dessert was created in Australia in 1935. Bert Sachet is named snow-white meringue with berries in honor of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. They say that this happened after the tour of the famous beauty in New Zealand.

Vegemite is a dark, intensely flavored paste made with leftover brewer’s yeast extract and various vegetable and spice additions. The Vegemite Sandwich is a classic way to enjoy the unique taste of a spread; Made with slices of buttered bread spread with Vegemite and topped with cheese, this is a delicious snack that’s perfect for any time of the day.

2. Meat pies

No list of popular Australian dishes is complete without the classic meat pie. They belong to the national dish of Australia and are small pies wrapped in dough, stuffed with ground beef, vegetables, sauce and other savory ingredients. Meatballs are a great takeaway snack that you can enjoy anytime. They are usually a staple food in many Australian households and are served either hot or cold.

3. of Lamington

Australian dishes like lamingtons are a classic sweet treat loved by locals and visitors alike. These biscuits are covered in chocolate icing, topped with coconut flakes and are perfect for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion.

4. Pavlova

Desire can be as delightful as it is beautiful. Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert native to Australia with a fluffy texture that is slightly crunchy on the outside and marshmallow on the inside. It is served with fresh cream and fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, kiwi or passion fruit to make an aesthetically pleasing treat that is like a work of art.

5. Chicken parmesan

Parmigiana chicken is a favorite Australian dish usually served in a pub or restaurant. This dish consists of breaded chicken breast fried with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh herbs. It is often served with chips, salad and vegetables for the perfect casual meal. Whether you’re dining with friends or enjoying an evening stroll, Parmesan Chicken is sure to please.

6. Fairy bread

Fairy bread is a popular snack that has been around since the 1920s and is often served at children’s parties. It’s made from plain white bread that’s buttered and garnished with colorful toppings, making it a sweet treat that kids just love! You won’t have any trouble preparing this traditional Australian dish as it only takes a few minutes to prepare and is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

7. Anzac cookies

When you need to list Australia’s famous dishes, the Anzac biscuit is definitely worth mentioning. These crunchy and delicious treats were originally created by the wives and mothers of Australian soldiers during World War I, as the cookies could keep for months on long sea voyages. Anzac cookies are a timeless classic that many Australians still enjoy today. As a visitor, this is a great way to experience something that has been part of history for over a century.

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