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Food in Ayurveda, Recommendations for Pitta, Vat and Kaph osha

Ayurveda is the only medical knowledge system that recognizes the existence of individual types of metabolism.

“What is food to one, poison to another” – says a well-known proverb. Knowledge of individual characteristics helps in the selection of products and preparation of food, in the selection of herbs and vitamins. It is vitally important to know what kind of food suits us and what does not, since it depends on this whether we strengthen our health or lose it.

From the Ayurvedic point of view, food is medicine. Inadequate nutrition is the first most important physical factor of imbalance and disease, and proper diet is a necessary condition for preventing and treating disease.

Vat Doshi Calming Diet:

For this osha, the following are favorable:

warm, not too heavy food;
the use of oil and fat;
salty, sour and sweet tastes;
food that brings peace and satisfaction.

Vat is a cold dry osha, so warm, nutritious food common in winter (stews, soups, casseroles, freshly baked bread and fruit tarts) will calm it down perfectly. The food we prefer in summer – cold salads, chilled drinks, fresh vegetables and herbs – is not very suitable for her.

Vat type representatives often have unstable digestion, they will be helped by soft, easily digestible food.

Vat osha is very sensitive to the environment when eating. The best food in the world won’t do you good if the tense atmosphere at the table makes your stomach twist. Anything that makes the meal calmer and quieter will help calm Vat osha.

A diet that balances Vat is best for everyone of this type. Once you start dieting, you will notice that new energy rushes, and you will feel calmer and happier. If you are experiencing mild symptoms of unbalanced Vat – insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety, you should turn to the same diet.

Ayurvedic doctor’s recommendations on nutrition for Vat osha:

All soothing foods tend to have beneficial effects on disturbed Vat: milk (preferably warm), cream, butter, warm soups, casseroles, stews, hot cereals, and freshly baked bread. All these foods, mostly warm and not very heavy, have a sweet taste that is most soothing to the body.
A nutritious breakfast (preferably a hearty one) will keep Vat going throughout the day. Rice or wheat creams are the best porridge for Vat; everything warm, milky and sweet also has a beneficial effect on her.
Many Vat people experience a dramatic loss of energy at the end of the day. Hot tea with cookies or other natural sweets will help them.
The spicy flavor is not one of Vada’s favorites, but spicy foods tend to be liked by this type, as spicy Mexican or Indian foods tend to be warm and rich in oil.

And sweet spices like cinnamon, fennel or cardamom help Vat people regain their appetite, which they often lack.
Warm liquid food has a very calming effect on Vat. Flour dishes and cereals are the best for her. When you’re nervous, anxious, or overwhelmed by something, a bowl of hot oatmeal or vegetable soup with sour cream will do you much more good than candy or liquor.

While the sweet taste is good for this type, sugar eaten neat will cause a quick burst of energy that makes Vat restless. Warm milk is sweet food and is very beneficial for Vat, especially if you add a little honey to it.
Sweets made with lots of sugar should be paired with nutritious sweets like milk.

Salted nuts are better than any dry or salty snacks; heavy and oily, they have two qualities that soothe Vat. For her, there is nothing better than almonds. Ayurveda recommends peeling almonds before eating; The usual advice is to soak a dozen unpeeled almonds overnight, then peel and eat in the morning to balance Vat. Tahini (sesame paste) is an excellent source of nutrients, one of the best foods to warm and balance Vat.
For representatives of the Vat type, all sweet fruits are good, but especially green grapes, apricots, melon, mango. Astringent fruits such as apples and pears require cooking (it is better to bake apples with honey).

Unripe, highly astringent fruits, especially unripe bananas, and watermelon and sour berries should be avoided.
Foods that are cold, soft and low in calories increase Vat, causing feelings of dissatisfaction. If you’re partial to salads, let them warm to room temperature and season with oil to make them a more balanced meal. The same applies to fresh vegetables. Eat them in moderation and not cold. As a rule, all vegetables require cooking with a little oil, which is better than steaming. As a result, many vegetables will become more palatable to Vat osha.
When going to dinner, ask them to bring you a glass of warm water and drink it in small sips, instead of a salad, eat a plate of hot soup. Indulge in bread, butter and dessert, preferably warm.

Hot porridge for lunch is an unusual dish, but extremely useful for people suffering from exacerbation of Vat osha. Rice served with oiled lentils and rich soup are also very good. All types of pastes have a very calming effect on this osha. It’s great to go to bed with a glass of warm milk, but eating late at night is still harmful, and while it will help you sleep, you will feel worse in the morning.
Lassi (traditional Indian drink) will rid the body of excess Vat. To prepare it, whisk half a cup of regular kefir with half a cup of water, add a pinch of chopped ginger, salt or cumin. Sweet lassi is prepared from kefir and mango pulp taken in equal proportions.

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