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7 dishes that save in the heat. And it’s not a crumb


In the heat, food should be vigorous, light, saturating with moisture and vitamins without any effort. When nothing gets into your mouth and approaching the stove is hellish torment, then okroshka comes to mind first. But once okroshka, two okroshka, three okroshka, you can completely lose your appetite and lose your sense of time.

We offer five fresh dishes that will help you get out of the sultry haze with a brisk step. Here and Indian lassi with avocado – something between a cocktail and soup, and Chinese soup with eggplant, and a salad with arugula and shrimp, where in addition go melon and watermelon. And the highlight of the program is salmon tartare with cucumber, because on a hot day it is especially drawn to raw.

Salad with shrimps, melon and arugula

Melon and watermelon are real water reservoirs, they are 95% water and share life-giving moisture with us. What is more useful in the heat, it’s hard to say. The melon has more sugar, but more fiber, which means that it gives a feeling of satiety faster without overloading the stomach.

Both fruits have a high content of vitamin C, which thins the blood and prevents oxygen starvation from happening. Arugula will also not be superfluous: any fresh greens will not let us dry out (it contains up to 70% water), besides, there is a spicy bitterness in arugula that quenches the feeling of thirst. Well, shrimp is a good source of protein, so that you can not only drink, but also chew.

Real Greek salad

In Greece, as you know, everything is there, and there will be hot days for half a year. Therefore, the Greeks know exactly what to eat on a hot afternoon: their traditional horiatiki salad. It contains tomatoes that supply us with folic acid and lycopene to support the heart and blood vessels working in the heat with a double load.

protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation, as well as cucumbers and greens rich in moisture. Salt is also an important element of summer nutrition. Its reserves must be replenished, because salt is washed out of the body with sweat. Olives and cheese not only restore the salt balance, but also add calories to the salad, and for us – energy, so as not to feel like a sleepy fly stuck to hot glass.

Chinese cold eggplant soup

The Chinese always compose their dishes with health in mind. In summer, this is especially noticeable: less fat, dense, sweet. Cold soup is cooked on water, and a drop of soy sauce adds density to it. Summer food must be sour so that after it you are less thirsty. Bitter tastes are also obligatory: it is good for the liver, which has a hard time in the heat. The cold eggplant soup is just what the Chinese doctor ordered, even when it’s over thirty.

Avocado lassi

A nutritious dish reshaped into a milkshake, like our kefir okroshka. It was as if he had eaten a whole meal without making a single movement of his jaws. Milk, herbs, vegetables – here it is, the concentration of freshness.

Avocado pulp tastes like melted fatty ice cream, with the only difference being that vegetable fats in avocados are socially acceptable. Finally, a slice of lime will not only help the avocado pulp retain its invigorating green color, but also add a noticeable sourness to the drink, which will come in handy in the heat.

Salmon tartare with cucumbers and caviar

The best fish in the heat is raw fish. Of course, until serving, stored in the freezer or refrigerator. Salmon for tartare is a great option: firstly, it almost does not change its properties and taste when frozen, and secondly, it saturates the body with a significant dose of omega acids.

which are good for the heart and blood vessels and do not allow the skin to dry out under the scorching sun. Cucumber replenishes fluid, caviar retains salt and minerals in the body, preventing them from leaving us with sweat. That rare case when a solemn and elegant dish can be prepared without even going to the stove.

Cucumbers in spicy marinade

When the thermometer soars up, then you need to eat spicy. In any case, so do the inhabitants of Korea and China. The logic is simple: like is treated with like, fire is extinguished by fire, that is, by causing perspiration, spicy food makes us cool.

Chinese cucumbers in a spicy marinade are one of the fastest dishes in the world. And a guarantee of the result: these cucumbers are always obtained by everyone. It is better to take thin-skinned greenhouse cucumbers with small seeds. If you want to add a little crunch and extra goodness to the dish, sprinkle the appetizer with sesame seeds.

Cold chicken with olives and lemon

Cold chicken is perhaps the best base for an endless variety of easy summer meals. It can be mixed with various vegetables, cooked with yogurt and spices, as in India, or in a spicy tomato sauce, as in Mexico. This version is similar to the Soviet salad “Capital”, but with an Italian accent. Lemon slices are responsible for the refreshing function.

mayonnaise gives satiety, and olives give character. But in no case should we forget about the balance, it is better not to let any ingredient prevail over the others – the acid of the lemon is balanced by the sauce, lemon zest and the cold chicken flesh itself. If desired, all this can be turned into a pate, with a piece of good bread you get a light and quite satisfying snack.

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