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Chinese cuisine is incomprehensible, absolutely merciless and raises a lot of questions. Why, how and why do people eat all this at all? The answer lies in the number of citizens – there are many Chinese. And everyone needs food. For example, you can’t find real eggs in China. They can tell you this at the moment when you finish eating the scrambled eggs. Terribly out of date information. What then is served for breakfast?

All this, according to the Internet and the stories of local residents, was done artificially. Although not so, rather – skillfully artificially. You will never be able to tell them apart from the original. The country is home to approximately 1.5 billion people.

Imagine the most ordinary family of three – mother, father and child. Everyone wanted a “double” scrambled egg. It will take 4.5 billion chicken eggs! If you tell this figure to the hens themselves, they will probably not be very happy. That is why this nation eats everything. Here are five dishes worth trying in China.

Toad in a frying pan

No, we are not talking about beautiful French frogs, but about toads. In Russia, such people sit in the swamps and yell at the top of their toad throats, and scare them with warts from childhood. You can taste this dish in local establishments without any problems. Usually boxes or cages with your future dinner are right at the entrance so that you can look into the eyes of the one you like for a meal.

The taste of toad meat is reminiscent of a very tender and well-marinated chicken. By the way, the toad will not seem sweet, although sweetness is characteristic of Chinese cuisine. Rice will most likely be served free of charge or for a symbolic yuan. Also, vegetables will sizzle in a hot frying pan. It’s all made with spices that don’t hit your palate like a truckload, like curry. Well, the smoky aroma will definitely be remembered for a long time. The price of a dish in Guangzhou is about 25 yuan.

Dishes in a Muslim cafe

“Muslim” is a place where there is a very large selection of dishes and reasonable prices. Meat in the plates here is not as much as we would like. Pork, of course, is not at all. To be sure to be satisfied with what you ordered, ask for homemade noodles cooked right in front of you. After ordering, watch the chef in the kitchen, see firsthand how the dough turns into noodles for your dish.

Each dish has fried vegetables. The Chinese do not eat them fresh at all, for them it is raw poison. Portion sizes are impressive, especially for the money. I usually split everything in half. Ate half and asked for a takeaway. But he did it not in English, but in sign language. With English, there is generally a problem, pump over facial expressions and gestures in the Crocodile game.  We highly recommend! In the photo – homemade chopped noodles with meat, 14 yuan.

chicken legs

To be honest, for us, the experience of eating chicken legs is very strange. But the Chinese love them! They eat them on the streets, at home, in cafes and restaurants. There is even a special fast food restaurant that specializes exclusively in duck and chicken legs.  But there is pepper and Chinese spices.

Bird legs can be served fried, smoked, boiled. Meat on the leg at least. There are some cartilage, tendons, skin. The whole point is in glaring. In general, not everyone will understand this delicacy. My fellow traveler was crazy: “It’s divine under the beer!” That’s why this contraption makes it to our list of recommended meals.

Chinese dumplings

Oooh, that’s what heaven tastes like! In China, they are molded differently than in Russia, but in general, these are the same dumplings. It’s about the toppings and your luck. The main task that you set for yourself during their tasting is to find them with meat. Logic whispers in time to take what is more expensive. Caught with greens, with fennel.

It is known that fennel is similar to our parsley, so the traveler’s stomach will be in a state of wild excitement. One portion of such happiness is enough until the evening, sometimes even longer. There are two sauces on the tables. One is black, similar to soy with the addition of balsamic vinegar, the second is spicy, red pepper gruel in oil.

Another dish is served with the dish – garlic, with a minimum of spiciness. Dumplings are boiled in large vats, caught with a huge ladle. Regarding the fillings: minced meat can be with herbs, mushrooms, leeks, corn. In general, there is a choice. This dish has every chance of becoming the first number in the list of the most delicious in China. Recommended by all fibers!


If as a child you used to wake up early to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and run to school, ordering this soup can be a big challenge for you. In China, eating a turtle is the norm, it’s the same as cooking okroshka for us. The taste of the soup is really interesting. It is prepared as follows: Donatello is thrown into water and boiled for two to five hours, which makes the broth very rich and thick, and its color dark.

In China, you will often wonder why sweet meat is so valued here. Perhaps, as is usually the case in history, it was a matter of chance: many years ago, the Chinese simply threw sugar into the food instead of salt, and away we go! I feel like this dish lacks potatoes. And they also say that the turtle is terribly useful for potency and men’s health in general. By the way, in supermarkets this product is sold as ordinary chicken – in ready-made substrates.

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