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The Best Fruit Juices for Athletes


any athlete expends energy and loses not only fluid, but also minerals, primarily sodium, with sweat. That is why the ideal drink for an athlete should not only quench thirst, but also help nourish the body with carbohydrates as a source of energy, as well as some minerals and trace elements.

Of course, the most optimal way to replenish fluid reserves is to consume water. It contains a sufficient amount of electrolytes and minerals, including sodium. However, water has a neutral taste. And how you want to pamper yourself sometimes with something more pleasant, sweet, with pronounced taste qualities. In such a situation, you can include fruit juices in your diet.

In this case, you should not get too carried away, since fruit juices are very high in calories. Liters of them should not be drunk. One glass of fruit juice is enough per day to replenish fluid losses, as well as a supply of minerals and vitamins. In addition, many nutritionists consider it expedient to dilute fruit juices with water in order to reduce the calorie content of fruit juices.

That is why apple juice with mineral water can be called an ideal source of energy, vitamins and minerals without a lot of unnecessary calories. No wonder this drink is so popular among athletes.

Apple juice with mineral water

The most popular drink among athletes is apple juice with mineral water. Most often, apple juice and mineral water are taken for its preparation in a ratio of 1: 3, which is an extremely useful composition, since the calorie content of apple juice is reduced due to mineral water.

It is this composition that makes apple juice with mineral water an excellent source of energy, vitamins and minerals for all fitness and active lifestyle lovers.

Apple juice contains fruit and grape sugars, which are a source of energy, fruit acids, potassium, sodium, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients. In addition, the carbohydrates found in apple juice are quickly absorbed and give our body and brain the necessary boost of energy.

That is why this refreshing drink has a positive effect on our memory, concentration and reaction. What’s more, the high amount of simple sugars in apple juice keeps blood glucose levels consistently high, which helps to avoid attacks of hunger.

Apple juice also contains sodium, which helps to maintain water balance in the body and prevents the development of muscle spasms. Any athlete knows that the more fluid he spends, the more sodium he needs. That is why apple juice with mineral water as a source of sodium is the best option for athletes after heavy physical exertion.

Grape juice

Grape juice is not only very tasty, but also healthy. In addition, it is classified as one of the most high-calorie drinks compared to other fruit juices. However, it is quite popular among athletes because it contains a large amount of antioxidant substances such as polyphenols, which include tannins, flavonoids and anthocyanins. A particularly large amount of these substances is found in dark grapes in the skin and grains.

It should be noted that the effect of polyphenols extends not only to improving the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, but also to strengthening the protective functions of the body in the fight against various viruses and infections. Grape juice can act as a secret weapon for any athlete.

Since grape juice has blood-purifying properties, it is often used for circulatory disorders and vein diseases. Antioxidants contained in grape juice are also credited with the ability to counteract age-related changes.

Orange juice

Orange juice is widely known among orange juice drinkers as a low-calorie, invigorating source of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. 100 ml of orange juice contains 31 mg of this vitamin, i.e. one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice almost completely covers the body’s daily need for ascorbic acid. Vitamin C makes a significant contribution to strengthening the immune system and helps fight spring fatigue.

Orange juice

Orange juice also boasts magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin B, provitamin A, and other nutrients our body needs to maintain optimal performance.

Magnesium, for example, is involved in maintaining good blood pressure, potassium is important for the health of the heart and blood vessels. In addition.

orange juice is rich in vitamin B6, which contributes to better absorption of carbohydrates and protein. In addition, this vitamin enhances the production of hemoglobin, which is responsible for the supply of oxygen to all organs and tissues of our body.

Benefits of juice

The benefits of juice are undeniable. This drink, given to us by nature itself, can not only quench our thirst and give our favorite taste, but also saturate the body with vitamins, minerals and essential micro and macro elements. Each juice is useful in its own way, so you need to use it based on your needs.

Tomato juice is rich in beta-carotene, pectin, fiber and a lot of minerals, so you can use it to give tone and vitality to the body. It perfectly cleanses of toxins and toxins, neutralizing the action of free radicals, and for this purpose the juice is drunk in order to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Orange juice in the morning is able to cheer up anyone due to its fresh sweet taste with a little sourness. In addition to the huge benefits, it helps the body process carbohydrates better and synthesize protein. Apple juice contains epicatechin, which strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation and helps the heart work. This juice is loved by children because of its delicate sweetish taste.

Pomegranate juice is an excellent remedy for restoring the body, including after surgeries. With vitamin deficiency, juice is simply irreplaceable, since it includes a record amount of vitamins and minerals. Grape juice copes with inflammatory processes more than other juices, and better than others affects the functioning of the brain.

Juices are part of some drinks, which are called juice-containing. For example, smoothies that will become not only a great independent drink,

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