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Healthy food for proper weight loss

Today, there are countless different diets and nutrition systems aimed at weight loss, but the best way to lose weight with health benefits is to eat right.

Moreover, not a certain period of time, but throughout life. Compliance with the principles of rational nutrition helps not only maintain a normal weight, but also maintain health, as it is an effective prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


Meals should be regular, i.e. carried out at the same time, and fractional, 5 times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner are the main meals; afternoon tea and a snack between breakfast and lunch are intermediate.

If food does not enter the body longer than this time, it begins to experience stress and store fat for future use. Thus, the less often a person eats, and the longer the breaks between meals last, the more fat his body will store.

Also, given that the production of pancreatic enzymes and gastric juice in the body occurs approximately every 3 hours, the lack of food in the stomach can cause gastritis, and even worse an ulcer, or pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas.

Nutrition must be complete! Restrictions in fats will lead to problems with the skin, hair, nails, with a lack of carbohydrates, weakness, apathy, and fatigue occur. And protein is the main building material from which each cell is built, tissue from a cell, organs and our entire body from tissue!

A balanced diet should include daily: 14% protein, 30% fat and 56% carbohydrates. Moreover, a large proportion of proteins should fall in the second half of the day, and a large proportion of fats and carbohydrates – in the first.

Healthy fats are found in nuts and vegetable oils. The most useful are cedar oil, which, thanks to the trace elements it contains, protects the body from harmful radiation coming from computers and mobile phones, as well as linseed oil and olive oil.

Daily calorie content is determined individually, since the energy value of food depends on many factors: the level of physical activity of a person, his gender, age, as well as the presence of any chronic diseases. However, there is one easy way to determine the norm of the volume of one serving – it can be calculated based on how much enters the palm of a person. The serving for each meal is 1 palm, except for lunch (2 palms).


Ideally, the day should be started with a glass of clean, non-carbonated water at room temperature, drinking it in small sips on an empty stomach in order to wash the gastrointestinal tract after the night.  This will help “start” the metabolic process not for the deposition of fat, but for its burning.

During the day (until 8 pm) you need to drink an average of 1.5-2 liters of pure water, not counting tea, coffee, fruit drinks, etc. The individual water requirement is very easy to calculate – 30 ml per kg of body weight.

This is especially important for those who are trying to lose weight – an insufficient amount of fluid leads to the fact that every cell of the body is surrounded by fat, which leads to weight gain.  it must be processed by the body’s own juices, acids and enzymes. The next fluid intake should be 40-60 minutes after a meal. This will avoid various dyspeptic disorders (belching, bloating, etc.).

In other words, without breakfast, a person can drive himself onto the operating table.

cinnamon, which has a fat-burning effect. Another breakfast option is an omelet. I note that it is an omelets, not scrambled eggs.

3 hours after breakfast, you can have a snack with fruits (apple, pear, peach, etc.). Those who are losing weight should refrain from taking bananas and grapes.

That is, if you go to bed at 23.00, you should have dinner no later than eight in the evening.  At night, it is useful to drink a glass of kefir, Varennes or fermented baked milk, so that putrefactive processes do not form in the intestines during the night.


For those who are losing weight, fruits and sweets should be consumed only until 17:00. Instead of pastries, cakes, pastries, gingerbread, milk chocolate, it is much more useful to use dark chocolate (cocoa content is more than 70%), marshmallows, marmalade (pectin included in it helps lower cholesterol and removes toxins from the gastrointestinal tract), honey, candied fruits , dried fruits, preserves, jams.

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