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Typical Indian Dishes

Do you want to know what typical Indian dishes are And why they are so appreciated all over the world? Then you are in the perfect place, as we present a list of the most representative preparations that you should know when visiting an Indian restaurant and appear to be an expert.

This gastronomy has exotic tastes achieved with extraordinary spices and ingredients that will make your senses fly. So continue with us to get acquainted with a cuisine full of endless flavors and colors. You are ready? Let’s start!

Discover typical Indian dishes

In this list of 27 dishes, we have collected the most representative recipes of Indian cuisine. This gastronomy is characterized by the strength of the stews and the richness of the spices.

1. Samosa

It is usually served as a snack and can often be found in Indian grocery stores around the world. These are fried pancakes stuffed with fragrant spices, vegetables and fresh potatoes. The result is a crispy cover with a juicy interior that, when you taste it, will be an explosion of flavors for you.

2. Idles and sambar

If you want to try one of the most typical Indian cuisine, you should know Idles and Sambar. It is a pie made with boiled black lentils and rice accompanied by an exquisite vegetable stew. Thanks to the combination of flavors, it is recognized as one of the most representative preparations in the south of the country.

And this is that it is very rich in vegetable protein and does not contain fat. Try it for breakfast or lunch and fill your day with energy!

3. Tikka masala with chicken

It is widely known in Indian restaurants located in the west for its intense aroma and exotic taste. But you should know that if you want to eat the original chicken tikka masala, your best bet is to go straight to the Bengal region.

To complete this preparation, you must ensure that the chicken is resting in a yoghurt marinade and Indian spices. Then you cook it in the oven with coconut milk and tomatoes. When you taste it, its aroma will make you travel through the beautiful scenery of this exotic country.

For these reasons, chicken tikka masala stands out among typical Indian dishes.

4. Tandoori chicken

Many consider tandoori chicken to be the most typical Indian dish. And to this we must add the most valuable thing, and it is difficult to listen to someone who, having tried it, does not fall in love with this recipe.

The tandoor is a traditional clay oven highly valued in the Indian region for hundreds of years. It prepares chicken, previously marinated for 6 hours, in a mixture of spices. While this may vary by region, coriander, cardamom, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, and pepper are the most commonly chosen.

5. Mughals

An interesting fact that you should know is that the most outstanding thing in Indian food comes from the Mughal emperors. In this sense, Mughlai cuisine is usually common among residents of cities in the north of the country.

Mogul is ready with fragrant sauces, with a touch of curry butter. And what is very important, some Mughlai dishes have names taken from Muslim culture, such as biryani, kofta, kebabs and pulao.

The foregoing sets this preparation as the true standard of Indian cuisine.

6. Lamb curry with cinnamon

This recipe has the traditional flavors of Indian culture, born in the kitchens of bustling Delhi. And although it is most often made from lamb, there are other options that can be made from other meats.

Coconut milk, onions, tomatoes and a nice mix of various spices are used in this typical dish. Undoubtedly, cinnamon lamb curry is one of the typical Indian dishes that you should not miss.

7. roll

There is a wide variety of cultures in India, such as Hindu and Muslim, with important historical backgrounds. This is evident in the great influence of Persian and Arab countries among the most predominant tastes.

In India, it is cooked with paratha bread, and chicken, lamb, vegetables and sauces are placed inside. Of the latter, the most traditional is chat masala, which combines a group of spices with mango powder.

8. Masala Dose

Masala dose has an interesting aspect as it is similar to other cuisines as far away as the Mexican or the French. In fact, it bears a resemblance to the well-known burrito and other similar dishes such as the biscuit.

However, its testing dispels any doubts or coincidences due to its exotic flavors of curry, coriander, onion, turmeric and lentils. In addition, it is served with coconut chutney and stands out among the vegetarian alternatives to typical Indian cuisine.

9. Aloo paratha

These are delicious flatbreads made from wheat flour stuffed with potatoes, very traditional for Indian cuisine.  The original paratha is made with high fat desi ghee.

There are various types of parathas, including Gobi and onions, which are often eaten for breakfast. Thus, you will have a way to start your day full of flavor and energy.

10. Murgmakhani

This is a chicken cooked in a special oil that is usually served with black lentils and traditional naan bread.

Prepared with meals you may have in your pantry such as ginger, olive oil, tomato puree, garlic and onions. From here, you only need to add kauri mech, which is undoubtedly the main ingredient of the dish.

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