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It’s time to put in order the figure, and the body as a whole. The basis of your new diet can be vegetable soup for weight loss. Such dishes have a fat-burning effect, because their assimilation requires more energy to be spent than they contain. These soup recipes will give you a feeling of fullness with few calories.

What are vegetable diets?

Many of the vegetable soups have the consistency of puree and at first glance have an impressive amount of content. However, vegetable first courses are able to remove toxins and toxins and cleanse the digestive system as a whole. Thanks to this diet, you can get rid of 5-7 kilograms in just the first week of your new diet.

If you like such a diet, then please note that such a first course should replace all meals during the day. Of course, not everyone likes to eat one puree soup 5 or 6 times a day. You can eat it in unlimited quantities.

You can refresh yourself with such a dish at least at night if you wake up from a feeling of hunger and cannot fall asleep further. It can be served and consumed at any temperature, although puree soup is best eaten hot.

You can cook for yourself a roomy pot for several days at once, as this will become the basis of your menu for the near future. At least until the moment your diet leads to the desired weight. At this time, you can drink non-carbonated water from liquids, as well as tea and coffee, but without sugar.

If you do not like to eat the same dish for several days, you can cook yourself a new soup every day. One day it can be mashed potatoes, the other it’s just a liquid stew with vegetables.

What can be cooked from carrots?

A variety of recipes provide almost limitless possibilities for your imagination. And don’t worry about vegetable oil, which is a common ingredient. When combined with vegetables, it will not harm your figure. For example, carrots are very useful for proper metabolism.

To preserve its taste and useful qualities in the soup, it is better not to rub it on a grater, but to cut it into cubes or circles. Without it, it is impossible to imagine any of the first courses, and carrots are especially wonderful in combination with onions, sautéed together in a pan.

You may like the following diet recipe. Take about half a kilogram of peeled and chopped carrots. We also need a finely chopped onion, 1 potato and about 1.5 liters of water or low-fat vegetable broth. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a small saucepan, put the onion there and fry until golden brown.

Add diced potatoes and a large bunch of cilantro. After a few minutes, you can add carrots and pour the broth.  It remains to turn the soup into a puree with a blender, and before that, do not forget to add salt.

Cabbage, onions and other popular vegetables

Many soup recipes include the addition of cabbage, white cabbage and almost all other varieties.  Cauliflower in separate inflorescences looks original in first courses, and it is also added to soup puree.  Most of them are perfectly absorbed not only by adults, but also by the children’s body, and therefore they are widely used by the dietary table.

Let’s start with the well-known onion soup. In order to prepare this original dish, we need 5-6 onions, half a head of cabbage, a couple of tomatoes and the same number of bell peppers. You can optionally arm yourself with celery.

Now our algorithm of actions will be as follows:

start by chopping cabbage;
fill it with water and put it on fire, making sure that there is enough water during cooking;
celery roots are best thrown at the beginning of cooking, they need more time;
onions, peppers and carrots are finely chopped and all together lightly fried in vegetable oil, preferably olive;

peeled tomatoes, as well as seasonings, are added to the finished roast;
last, finely chopped greens are thrown into boiling water.

Spinach and celery on guard of weight

Another interesting recipe for spinach soup, which also has the definition of “diet”. First you need to finely chop one onion and a clove of garlic and fry them in a small amount of oil. Now you need to add 300 grams of spinach there, it can be not only fresh, but also ice cream. All together stew until the spinach softens.

Further, the recipe recommends that we salt and pepper our dish, and then add half a glass of milk and cream to it. Let our soup boil, and then you need to cook for no longer than 5 minutes. The contents are removed from the fire, cooled and whipped with a mixer. It turns out a delicious puree soup, which can be sprinkled with additional lemon juice.

And here is a recipe by which you can cook a light and tender vegetable soup for weight loss, supplemented with celery. We will need a few medium tomatoes, a few stalks of celery or celery root (depending on what you have in your fridge), 5-6 medium onions, some white cabbage and 2-3 green bell peppers.

All types of vegetables need to be finely chopped with a kitchen knife, pour water or low-fat broth. It is necessary that the liquid covers the vegetables, but not much. Bulbs can be browned in butter beforehand. You can replace the traditional salt in the soup with any seasoning.

The ideal season to lose weight on vegetable soups is summer. At this time, they are not only affordable, but also do not contain additional impurities to stimulate growth.

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