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The best dishes of Georgian cuisine


But how not to get confused in such a huge variety of traditional dishes and what exactly should a tourist try in the first place? These delicious “bags” are prepared from thinly rolled dough, which is stuffed with a spicy juicy meat filling. In Georgia, you can also find kinkily with mushrooms or cheese.

They eat them with their hands and only with their hands – take a fork and a knife – the locals will laugh. First, slightly tilt the “pouch”, bite off a piece and drink the hot broth, then you can eat the whole kinkily. “Tail” is left on a plate. By the way, in Georgia, the weakest eater is determined by the number of “tails”.

Try Adjara boat-shaped khachapuri with egg, round Meletian khachapuri with Meletian cheese, Megrelian khachapuri with cheese sprinkled on top. It is prepared from chicken, which is soaked in a delicate nut sauce. Cinnamon, cloves, saffron are also added to the sauce.


Soup charkha is probably well known to the people of Russia, but few know that it is of Georgian origin. Prepare this thick spicy rich beef soup. Nuts, plums, garlic and herbs are added to the broth. By the way, charkha in translation means “beef soup”.


Another great dish for vegetable lovers and vegetarians is Ajapsandali. It is somewhat reminiscent of ratatouille, but thanks to its spices it has a true Georgian sound. This bright summer dish will please everyone with the interweaving of rich colors and tastes.

Georgians cook this dish in kestin – special earthenware, in which the dish will turn out unique.

We are ready to offer our delicious Gastronomic tour to everyone who wants to taste delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine.


Mochadi is a type of bread that is most often consumed in the western part of Georgia. Mochadi is made from corn flour and water, which is why it is also called corn tortilla. Mochadi is fresh in taste and very dense in texture, which is why corn tortilla is best eaten with a dish that contains liquid.

One of the favorite combinations among Georgians is boiled beans with mochadi and various pickles. Preparing mochadi is pretty easy, all you need is cornmeal, water and a frying pan on fire. The shape that is given to the stove is oval. Mochadi recipe.


Chvishtari are corn tortillas stuffed with cheese. In fact, these are modernized mochadi, which eventually had a cheese filling. According to the classic recipe, the cheese should be of the Suluguni variety, but other types of cheeses are also suitable.


Nazari is a sweet Georgian bread. Spicy bread is baked in tone, but unlike regular bread, it has a cinnamon flavor and contains raisins. In order to get the best taste of the bun, you need to eat it freshly baked while it is still warm. The largest concentration of bakeries selling science is located in the vicinity of the city of Surami. There, they literally wave buns to drivers, so you won’t be able to drive past.


Khachapuri – in Georgian “khash” – cottage cheese, and “pure” – bread. Georgian cheese flatbread is known to everyone, but khachapuri may vary. To be able to distinguish between the main types of khachapuri, it is enough to know that:

Meletian khachapuri – cheese is hidden inside a round dough.
Megrelian khachapuri is a round cake with melted cheese both inside and on top.
Khachapuri in Adjara is a boat-shaped dough, and in the middle there is a large concentration of cheese, butter and eggs.


Suluguni is the most popular type of pickled cheese in Georgia. The basis of the cheese can be whole cow’s milk, goat’s or buffalo’s. Suluguni has a moderately salty taste, dense structure and elastic shape. Suluguni is used in a wide variety of recipes from khachapuri to pizza. For lovers of savory tastes, you can find smoked suluguni in cheese shops.


Gadugi is curdled cream with mint wrapped in thin suluguni leaves. The taste is very delicate and light without any sourness. Such a recipe is very reminiscent of Italian ricotta, but noduli is a completely independent and independent Georgian dish.


Matson is a sour-milk completely natural and dietary product that is widely known throughout the Caucasus. Matson is very easily absorbed by the body and has unique healing and nutritional properties.  Especially in Georgia they like to eat cool Matson on hot days to refresh themselves from the inside.


Dzhondzholi – pickle of the sprouts of the Colchis Kalachi bush. A very unusual delicacy that has a specific taste. In general, these are pickled flowers and are a national snack, their taste is somewhat reminiscent of sauerkraut.


A popular dish that, despite the same cooking method, is very diverse due to different ingredients. That is, the basis of phalli can be any vegetable or herb: radish leaves, beets, nettles, etc. The basis is invariably walnut, spices are added in different ways at your discretion, usually pomegranate seeds are added to ready-made phalli cakes.


Kinkily is boiled meat in dough. The kinkily dough has a peculiar appearance with folds and a tail, the number of folds does not affect the taste, and the tail serves to hold the kinkily by hand. In different places, kinkily are prepared in their own way, for example, somewhere it can be with broth inside, but somewhere not. To understand the structure of kinkily, it is enough to know:

Mtiuluri – translated “mountain” has no greens and broth inside.
Kalamkari – translated as “urban” meat stuffing with greens and in broth.
And also in most restaurants you can find kinkily with cheese, potatoes or mushrooms.

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