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List of the healthiest foods

10 most useful products for human health

Familiar from childhood, but underestimated: carrots, spinach and other parsley. When you go shopping, make a preliminary list and include these super-healthy foods on it. Now you don’t have to puzzle over what to eat to lose weight, what to give your child to school and what to treat a friend who is on a diet all the time.


This vegetable became popular among children after Ikea released cute soft toys in the form of curly green broccoli. In ordinary life, children do not particularly respect her, and in vain! Let’s start with the fact that it contains the maximum protein (when compared with other types of cabbage). In addition, it is in it that it is easy to find the most necessary vitamins (including U, the concentration of which is second only to asparagus) and minerals: calcium and potassium, sodium and magnesium, zinc, copper and phosphorus, selenium and manganese, etc.


Of all the cereals, only buckwheat contains a comparable amount of minerals and a whole vitamin complex. These are representatives of the group B, P, PP, EE, C and a lot of iron. Buckwheat is rich in fiber and amino acids and is distinguished by the presence of phospholipids and not only them. Proteins will compete with those contained in meat, and carbohydrates are digested slowly, leaving behind a feeling of satiety for a long time.


Due to its composition and unique qualities, it is considered almost a superfood. What is unusual about it? Firstly, phylloquinone is vitamin K, which controls the aging process. Secondly, B5, which is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and plays a decisive role in the functioning of the central nervous system. In addition, avocados contain vitamins C and E, both in sufficient volume.


Representatives of this culture contain a lot of vegetable fiber and protein. Legumes are rich in amino acids necessary for life (many of them are not synthesized in the body and their absorption is not a problem for our digestive system) and serve as a source of protein for vegetarians.


It has long been and rightfully considered a medicinal plant: all parts of this herb contain essential oils – the reason for such an original aroma. A bundle of greens beloved by all also contains bioflavonoids, vitamins B, A, K, PP, zinc, phosphorus, and many other trace elements.

This variety of greenery has a positive effect on blood vessels and the nervous system, has disinfectant properties and helps in the fight against cancer.


Among fans of a healthy lifestyle, cereals are famous for their good ratio of BJU and vitamin complex. In addition, it contains the most important protein for growth.  Hercules is an indispensable dietary dish for those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.


Everyone knows that fish is an extremely healthy protein food that is appropriate to eat as an alternative to meat. It saturates us with high-quality protein, normalizes the function of blood clotting and lowers cholesterol.

Fatty breeds differ in the greatest concentration of Omega-3 – in tuna, mackerel or herring 8% fat (or more). In terms of calories, individual varieties can significantly exceed pork.

Fish is in the TOP 10 most useful foods due to fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on all human organs. Representatives of the marine fauna are considered especially valuable, which contain a lot of Omega-3, Omega-6 and iron. These elements normalize cholesterol, participate in hematopoiesis, level the risks of heart attack and blood clots.

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The results of a study conducted in one of the medical colleges in the United States showed that preparations made on its basis can lower cholesterol levels by 9%!  So, for example, achene, contained in garlic, thins the blood and in its properties makes it similar to aspirin of natural origin.


This plant fills our body with all kinds of substances, cleanses of toxins and destroys toxins. The content of carotene is comparable to carrots, and due to the considerable percentage of iron, the cells are more intensively supplied with oxygen; metabolism stabilizes, energy is restored faster.


In addition to the world-famous ability to have a beneficial effect on vision, it is recommended for anemia, bronchitis and some heart diseases. An important nuance: the vast majority of the necessary and easily digestible substances are in boiled form.

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