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Georgian dishes to try in Batumi

Georgian cuisine is very rich and delicious. After all, it is difficult to find so many varieties of dishes from meat and vegetables, as presented in Georgia, anywhere else. And the passion of Georgians for a variety of herbs and spices gives their dishes a special flavor.

The originality of Georgian cuisine lies in the fact that almost every dish in it is an old homemade recipe that is at least a hundred years old. All that has changed over the years are kitchen utensils and accessories that greatly simplify the life of the cook, recipes and tastes are unchanged. In this article, we will tell you about the most delicious dishes that you must definitely try upon arrival in Batumi and Georgia in general.

Large dumplings made in the form of bags of tight dough, inside of which are minced lamb with meat broth. History says that this delicacy appeared during the wars with the Persians. The wounded soldiers had to recover after the battle and gain strength.

That is why Georgian women created the kinkily recipe. By tradition, they need to be eaten with your hands, and the torn tails should be placed on the edge of the plate – this is how the most “professional” eater was determined. The most delicious kinkily in Batumi is prepared at the “Saghighino” restaurant (Baratashvili, 34).

Cheese cakes were first baked in the Middle Ages in the mountainous regions of northwestern Georgia. Different regions had their own unique khachapuri recipes: the shape changed, the cheese was poured with an egg. But the main secret of delicious pastries is to cook with love and warmth in the heart. You can try the best khachapuri of Batumi in the café “Laguna” (Gorgiladze, 18).

This is how this dish first appeared. It can be found in the restaurant “Heart of Batumi” (General Mazniashvili, 11).

To visit Georgia and not try the local suluguni… There are many recipes for preparing and serving this cheese: it is seasoned with herbs, fried, smoked, served neat or as part of a salad. In cafes and restaurants, you can often meet Suluguni on kestin.

Kelsi is a clay frying pan with high sides. Thin mugs of potatoes or tomatoes are covered with large pieces of suluguni. You need to fry all this under a tightly closed lid, and remove the lid a few minutes before cooking. We recommend that you try this dish in the Tavaduri restaurant (36/38 Lermontov str.).

The name comes from the place where the recipe was created – the village of Chimera, which is in northern Georgia. This is fried chicken with garlic milk sauce. The chicken is marinated in sunflower oil with hot red pepper. We advise you to try this delicacy in the restaurant “Shemoyhede Genatsvele” (Noni Zhordania, 8).

One portion of the dish is enough for you for the whole day. Enjoy Chikhirtma in the restaurant-café “Zakhar Zachariah” (Parnavaza Mope, 53).

In Batumi, it is best to buy churchkhela in the “Badami” store (Baratashvili 2), because there it is of high quality, without added sugar.

Bean balls deep fried and seasoned with spices. This dish originated in Egypt – it was eaten during Lent instead of meat. This element of vegetarian cuisine is very popular in Batumi. Try falafel at the “Radio” café (Shota Rustaveli, 11).

Most often they use lamb for cooking, and on holidays – lamb. Chakapuli is prepared in late spring and early summer, when the right ingredients are available. This dish is often eaten on Easter and on St. George’s Day. In Batumi, you can eat Chakapuli with fragrant tarragon at the restaurant “Kikiki” (Melikishvili, 24).

i. This is the name of the classic Georgian barbecue. Its main feature is the absence of marinade, which can interrupt the taste of meat – only salt and pepper. Mtsvadi is prepared on a dry vine – it is believed that the wood of fruit trees makes the barbecue more fragrant. Mtsvadi is served with wine, sauces to choose from – tkemali and satsebeli, vegetables and herbs.  It is cooked deliciously in the restaurant “The White Restaurant” (Sheriff Khimshiashvili, 84).

In the same restaurant you can enjoy all of the above dishes. This unique establishment is located near our Rock Hotel First Line (Sheriff Khimshiashvili, 15-A). After a hearty lunch or dinner, you will definitely want to relax. If you need not just a place to sleep the night, but a cozy atmospheric room, come to us! Rock Hotel First Line is always glad to new guests!

Georgian national cuisine is a masterpiece mix of vegetables, meat, spices, wine, rich culture and traditions. Therefore, many tourists go to Georgia not only for impressions, but also to please themselves with unique delicacies.

Many dishes were invented as early as the 2nd millennium BC.  In fact, Georgian cuisine recipes are still those that were created by proto-Georgians, when there was no Georgia yet within its modern borders. ! Some of the dishes of Georgia are the property of the whole world and are no longer even considered truly Georgian. They have gone international. For example, charkha soup.

The cuisine of Georgia can conditionally be divided into Western and Eastern. In the western part, they eat special mochadi corn cakes, corn porridge with cheese. Here, residents in most cases eat poultry, and they also love spicy spices. They love wine, sweets and dried fruits.

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